Your Destination Guide to Atlantic City

Destination Guide Atlantic City - Your Destination Guide to Atlantic City, NJ

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Appearing to be an exit from the New Jersey Turnpike like any other, Atlantic City and its neighbors are a cast of unique and colorful characters, each with a distinct personality. After a night on the town in AC, you may find that brunch in Brigantine is just what you need to balance your weekend. Perhaps antiquing in Ventnor City will do the trick. Or maybe you're just plain tireless and arcade games and beach volleyball are your cup of warm beer. Whatever your palate, the Atlantic City area provides a buffet of options. Happy exploring!

Atlantic City | Areas

Atlantic City
  • Atlantic City
  • Even those unfamiliar with Atlantic City will likely recognize some of the city's street names: Mediterranean Avenue, Baltic Avenue, Park Place.
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  • Brigantine
  • A charming seaside community in Atlantic County, South Jersey's Brigantine exudes character, beauty, and the welcoming atmosphere of a friendly island town. Located on Brigantine Beach Island, the only road to and from this secluded area is New Jersey Route 87.
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  • Longport
  • On the southern tip of Absecon Island on the Jersey Shore sits a peaceful seaside community filled with quaint ocean homes, majestic old buildings blended with innovative modern architecture, and stunning white sand beaches.
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Margate City
  • Margate City
  • Swim in enticing blue water, engage in a competitive game of tennis or golf in the welcoming sunshine, or grab some fresh seafood at Steamer's – the lovely coastal community of Margate City welcomes guests with an abundance of outdoor activities and dining options.
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Ocean City
  • Ocean City
  • Ah, Ocean City, New Jersey -- probably the polar opposite of Atlantic City. It is, however, the epitome of the Jersey Shore.
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Ventnor City
  • Ventnor City
  • Though Ventnor City lies only a few miles west of Atlantic City, it shares little more than a coastline with its big city cousin. In contrast to the busy, insomniac nature of Atlantic City, Ventnor City more closely resembles the beautiful and modest British town of its namesake.
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