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Destination Guide Atlantic City - Your Destination Guide to Atlantic City, NJ

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On the southern tip of Absecon Island on the Jersey Shore sits a peaceful seaside community filled with quaint ocean homes, majestic old buildings blended with innovative modern architecture, and stunning white sand beaches. Longport, New Jersey, just 15 minutes away from Atlantic City, is bordered by Great Egg Harbor Bay, the historic Margate City, and the alluring Atlantic Ocean. This appealing location makes Longport an ideal destination for beach-lovers looking to soothe away stress with soft, white sand under their toes and the subtle aroma of salt in the air, tickling their senses. Longport's tranquility and residential atmosphere offer a welcome escape from the vibrant nightlife of Atlantic City, just a short drive away.

Longport's early days were far more commercial, as Philadelphia businessman M. Simpson McCullough sought to turn the area into a seashore resort. However, approximately 180 of the 250 acres McCullough purchased moved across the bay and later became the Ocean City Gardens, and he started to sell the remaining land soon after. Despite its present quiet location, many popular attractions do exist within a 10-mile radius of this small community. Roll up your sleeves and get up close to some of the world's most exotic marine life at the Atlantic City Aquarium, or venture back in time at the Absecon Lighthouse, one of the oldest in the country. Or, in nearby Ocean City, get your feet wet at Gillian's Island Water Theme Park, which boasts a diverse array of thrilling slides, creative child play areas, and a lackadaisical river pool. Because of a lack on hotels in the community, Longport is best enjoyed by summer home rentals, most requiring at least a month's stay. However, the nearby areas of Margate City, Ventnor City, and Atlantic City make it an excellent day-trip for anyone willing to kick back and let Longport's enticing sandy white beaches and laid-back atmosphere wash away your worries.

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