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Ventnor City

Ventnor City
Ventnor City

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Though Ventnor City lies only a few miles west of Atlantic City, it shares little more than a coastline with its big city cousin. In contrast to the busy, insomniac nature of Atlantic City, Ventnor City more closely resembles the beautiful and modest British town of its namesake. The city is an atypical tourist destination, but it can be a welcome respite from busy and noisy casinos. Instead of declining in Atlantic City's shadow, Ventnor City holds its own with a strong focus on community, culture, and family-friendly fare.

Ventnor City's primary offerings are aimed towards its citizens; visitors may have to hunt a bit for entertainment. A day at the beach requires purchasing a weekly or seasonal Beach Badge from City Hall, Beach Patrol Headquarters, the Ventnor Fishing Pier, or from a Beach Badge inspector. At 10 bucks a pop, weekly badges require more than one trip to earn their full worth, but they provide access to less crowded beaches than those adjoining the boardwalk.

Dining and shopping are also reasonable alternatives to the expensive Atlantic City offerings and provide a nice stroll through the lovely town. Other recreational activities include numerous golf courses along Egg Harbor, including the beautiful and well-reputed Galloway National Golf Club and Blue Heron Pines Golf Club.

From Atlantic City, Ventnor City is about an eight minute drive down NJ-152/ Ventnor Ave. Whether staying in the area or planning to hit up the Atlantic City hotspots, visitors have a fine selection of hotels, including several cozy bed and breakfasts and beach houses.

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