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Destination Guide Atlantic City - Your Destination Guide to Atlantic City, NJ

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Atlantic City Beach

Atlantic City Beach
Atlantic City Beach

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Through the crowded casinos and across the wood paneled boardwalk sits the wave beaten sandbox that is fondly known as the Atlantic City Beach. If you've traveled miles and miles to view the Atlantic Ocean, here it is. Bear in mind, though, that Atlantic City is notorious as a haven for gamblers and outlet shopping, but its beaches are not the most glorious that the Jersey Shore has to offer. Sometimes scattered with cigarette butts and post-party souvenirs such as empty bottles or the occasional poker chip, these little beaches do have some charm, but they also can hold the ambiance of a fantasy hangover, with random Eddie Money songs blaring out of outdoor casino speakers accented by squawking seagulls and shouts from vendors. Casino room holders sometimes filter out of the heavily air conditioned establishments and squint into the actual sunlight for a fleeting moment before moseying back indoors or venturing up and down the strip.

If you came to get a tan, we recommend that you take a short drive or cab ride to the clean and expansive beaches of nearby Margate, Ventnor, or Brigantine. These shore towns are more populated with families, seasonal renters, and young people as opposed to the occasionally seedy clientele of downtown Atlantic City. These beaches are more traditional -- the ice cream man will frequently stop at your block offering Screwballs and DoubleFudges, and you'll certainly expect to be harassed by beach taggers demanding a small fee in exchange for day pass -- but, at such a short distance away, the quality of the surrounding beach's sandy plains and the salty sea are exponentially better than what Atlantic City offers its clientele.

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