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Somers Mansion

Somers Mansion
Somers Mansion

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The oldest house in the county of Atlantic City, Somers Mansion was built by settler Richard Somers in 1725. Somers was a decorated Navy officer who is still honored throughout the town of Somers Point today for both his military achievements and local contributions. His family home serves as a jumping-off point to a pleasant day spent touring the local area, which contains many other historic homes that have been preserved by dedicated locals. Most of the homes, including Somers Mansion, are uninhabited and open to the public.

Somers died in action in Libya during World War II, and there is a monument in his honor at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. His family is also credited with operating the first ferry across Great Egg Harbor Bay. The home holds original furniture and textiles from the period, including quilts, coverlets, and fabric samples, some original to the mansion, certain to attract the curiosity of any professional or amateur historian. Structural features of interest include the traditional brick exterior which features a Flemish-bond pattern, intricate woodwork inside decorated with heart-shaped perforations, and an original walk-in fireplace.

The Somers Point Historical Society preserves Somers Point's historic buildings and also hosts a museum that features 2,000 vintage and current photos of the local area, including aerial views of the region, businesses past and present, and nightlife in the 1950s and 60s in the form of an extensive photo album collection. Intermingled among more modern structures, Somers Mansion and the Historical Society Museum provide an interesting window into the lifestyles and rich history of the area.

The Atlantic Heritage Center (formerly the Atlantic County Historical Society) holds the deed to Somers Mansion and owns the textiles and furniture displayed inside. The Center also hosts a museum full of over 20,000 historical artifacts and is located in Somers Point within walking distance from the mansion, the Somers Point Historical Society museum, and a variety of shops and taverns along the bayfront.

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