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A tight-knit city in terms of the subway, friendly residents, and the Red Sox, the various neighborhoods of Boston each bring a unique flair to the city. The Financial District demonstrates the hustle and bustle of the city's nine-to-fivers amongst a sprinkling of historical skyscrapers. Back Bay boasts Newbury Street and the Prudential, for a look into the upscale city lifestyle. Italian food lovers will be most at home in the North End, while history buffs will enjoy the Faneuil Hall area. When you're in Boston, there is something new around every corner, and you have to visit all of it to appreciate the city in its entirety.

Boston | Areas

Back Bay
  • Back Bay
  • Rivaling only Beacon Hill in prestige and high-class living, Back Bay proudly flaunts multi-million dollar residences, historic landmarks, premier shopping, and a fascinating history. This area is called Back Bay for a reason, as in the late 19th century, it actually was a bay.
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Beacon Hill
  • Beacon Hill
  • Head straight north from Boston Common and you'll hit Beacon Hill, one of the city's most exclusive and historic neighborhoods. Here you'll find brick sidewalks, a few cobblestone lanes, and gas lit streetlamps exuding a glow of a different era.
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Boston Common
  • Boston Common
  • Located squarely in downtown Boston since 1634, Boston Common is one of the oldest features of the city with plenty of lore to go along with it.
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Boylston Street
  • Boylston Street
  • There are many different ways to see Boston, but one of the most enjoyable is also the easiest: just walk along Boylston Street.
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Chinatown District
  • Chinatown District
  • Just a block from Boston's downtown Theater District, the storefronts and signs begin to change and the familiar English words shift into Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian and Vietnamese characters. If you enter from the South on Beach St.
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Copley Square
  • Copley Square
  • Copley Square is a famous landmark in Boston, pinned by four beautiful and significant buildings: two of Boston's oldest churches, the aptly named Old South Church and the Trinity Church; the John Hancock Tower, the tallest building in New England; and the magnificent Boston Public Library.
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Faneuil Hall
  • Faneuil Hall
  • If you come across Peruvian panpipe players, rows and rows of delectable food stalls, and cobblestone walkways, you have found the Faneuil Hall area. Walk down the stairs from Government Center, and from here, you have only a ten-minute walk to the North End and Downtown Crossing.
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Fenway/ Kenmore Square
  • Fenway/ Kenmore Square
  • As the gateway to Fenway Park and the surrounding Fenway neighborhood, Kenmore Square is a hive of collegiate activity. Pleasure seekers trolling Boston in search of action and adventure will find the area by way of a blazing neon CITGO sign; a landmark known as Boston's true north.
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Financial District
  • Financial District
  • Viewed from the harbor, with the high rises extending far above the city's centuries-old core, Boston's Financial District suggests a hub of present-day money and power.
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Harvard Square
  • Harvard Square
  • Located in Cambridge, MA just outside of Boston, Harvard Square is the trendy shopping, dining, and entertainment hotspot surrounding Harvard University, the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in the country.
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Inman Square
  • Inman Square
  • Cambridge is a land of "squares" — from Harvard Square to Davis Square, from Central Square to Kendall Square, there is nothing more hip and harder to find than Inman Square.
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North End
  • North End
  • A stroll through the North End fills your nose with the smells of Italian bread and homemade tomato sauce and your ears with the boisterous laughter of both tourists and locals as they amble along the narrow sidewalks and hidden walkways.
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South Boston
  • South Boston
  • South Boston, or "Southie," has long been the fabled, blue-collar hub of Irish-American culture, depicted in popular films such as Good Will Hunting, Mystic River, Boondock Saints, and The Departed.
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South End
  • South End
  • Boston's South End is the kind of neighborhood that makes you feel like you're in a romantic comedy.
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