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Culture defines Boston as much as cold defines ice. It was the first city in the nation to open a public library, and is home to 52 acclaimed colleges and universities, over 50 museums and historical sites, four professional sports teams, and a thriving performing arts community. With all this, it's no wonder that Boston has earned its reputation as the unofficial capital of New England, and is a thriving cultural mecca.

Boston | Cultural

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill
  • Acorn Street, Beacon Hill
  • Located on Beacon Hill and a rich part of Boston's historic roots, Acorn Street was established in the 1820s and is home to Mt. Vernon's illustrious gardens. On one side of the narrow, cobblestone road lie the mystical gardens, and on the other, well-maintained colonial homes.
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Boston Public Library
  • Boston Public Library
  • There are a lot of ugly libraries. After all, most libraries are focused on the collections they hold, rather than the aesthetic appeal of their designs.
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Christian Science Church Complex
  • Christian Science Church Complex
  • Spanning 14-acres and hailed by some as the hidden jewel of Boston, the majestic architecture and pristine grounds of the Christian Science Complex lures you in with its radiant beauty.
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Coit Observatory at Boston University
Harvard Bookstore
  • Harvard Bookstore
  • An essential for the avid bibliophile, the Harvard Bookstore is a perfect place to acquire new finds. Founded in 1932, this independent bookstore remains true to its original purpose, bringing the Harvard community together through a passion for books. Boston native Mark S.
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Hynes Convention Center
  • Hynes Convention Center
  • Families from all over flocked to the Hynes Convention Center for the FedEx Family Festival held as an afternoon kick-off to First Night Boston on December 31st. The spacious rooms and convenient locale were perfect for the event which included music, dance, face-painting, and much more.
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John Hancock Tower
  • John Hancock Tower
  • It may not be quite as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, but anyone who has enjoyed the view of Boston from the Charles River knows the skyline's main attraction—the slim, elegant John Hancock Tower.
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Mary Baker Eddy Library
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Visit this 150-year- old institution where some of the world's most brilliant minds have studied, researched, and cultivated innovate works in medicine, cognitive science, engineering, economics, oceanography, biology, and much more.
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New England Holocaust Memorial
  • New England Holocaust Memorial
  • Established in October 1995, the New England Holocaust Memorial stands in dedication to one of the great tragedies of the modern age. The memorial effort began with a community of Boston-based Holocaust survivors.
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Newbury Street
  • Newbury Street
  • Newbury Street boasts two miles packed with unparalleled shops, restaurants, and salons in the Back Bay area. This whole area was nonexistent until the late 1800s, where construction crews filled in part of Boston Harbor and created all of Back Bay, including Newbury Street.
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Sam Adams Brewery
  • Sam Adams Brewery
  • Once familiar with the history of Boston, you might be enticed to make a pilgrimage to the modern-era but no less legendary Sam Adams Brewery, named after one of America's revolutionary bandleaders.
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Skywalk Observatory
  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Travel to the top of the second-tallest building in Boston to enjoy an exhilarating 360-degree view of the city. The Skywalk Observatory at Prudential Center is the only attraction of its kind in Boston, complete with an audio tour, movie theater, and the Dreams of Freedom Immigration Museum.
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Suffolk Downs
  • Suffolk Downs
  • On Suffolk Downs' opening day, 35,000 spectators filled the track, appearing from afar as a sea of grey and black sport coats, and a speckling of fedoras.
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TD Garden
  • TD Garden
  • Veteran residents still call it the "Boston Garden," some remember it as the "Fleet Center," but today, the "TD Garden" is the official venue for the Boston Celtics and Bruins. The original Boston Garden opened its doors in 1928, and closed in 1995.
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Zakim Bridge
  • Zakim Bridge
  • The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, fondly known as the "Zakim Bridge," glows under the starry nights and city lights of Boston.
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