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Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame

Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame
Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame

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Since the early days when giants like Babe Ruth ruled, Boston has lived and breathed baseball from spring training through the World Series. The Boston Red Sox spent most of the twentieth century on a roller coaster of thrilling victories and horrifying defeats, and through it all the team's fan base was, and continues to be, united in its obsession with all that goes on inside Fenway Park. If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, the 86 years Red Sox fans held their collective breath until their legendary breakthrough championship in 2004 made them the baseball equivalent of the Hulk.

The team may have gone nearly a century without a championship, but the ride would not have been so wild without gifted players to excite and disappoint year after year. Starting in 1995, a selection committee of sports broadcasters, team executives, and representatives from The Sports Museum of New England began picking new candidates each year to honor with a spot in a Red Sox Hall of Fame. In the time since its inception, the Hall of Fame has welcomed such baseball household names as Carlton Fisk, Mo Vaughn, and Dom DiMaggio (brother of Joe), along with National Hall of Famers Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.

Unlike other establishments honoring industry greats, such as Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Red Sox Hall of Fame is not housed in a building that the faithful may visit. Instead, the institution provides an essential service to fans that are used to dramatic highs and lows from behind the scenes. When times are good, as they often are, the Hall of Fame serves as a connection to a beloved past. And when bad times follow--and with Red Sox they so often do--the Hall of Fame reminds Red Sox fans to hope for next year, or even next inning.

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