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Performance Venues

Performance Venues
Performance Venues

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As rich as Boston is in American history, it is also a thriving performing arts mecca. Boston houses some of the most popular and well-respected performance venues not only in New England but in the entire United States. Check out the American Repertory Theater, the recipient of a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize, and named by Time Magazine as one of the top three theaters in the country. The Colonial Theatre, which is the oldest operating theatre in New England, and Symphony Hall, which is rated as the finest in the United States, are among the many choices available to Boston audiences. With over a dozen venues throughout the city, you're bound to find a variety of entertainment by both local students and seasoned professionals on any night of the week.

Boston | Performance Venues

American Repertory Theater
  • American Repertory Theater
  • Performances by the American Repertory Theater (ART), often begin outside the theater with characters swaggering up and down the line of audience members, joking and getting everyone into the mood.
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Berklee Performance Center
  • Berklee Performance Center
  • The Berklee Performance Center (BPC), a premier concert hall in Boston, provides performances from talented members of the Berklee community as well as visiting artists. Right in Boston's culturally-rich Back Bay area, the center can seat over 1200 guests.
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Boston Center for the Arts
  • Boston Center for the Arts
  • The Boston Center for the Arts, a self-proclaimed center of inspiration, exhibition, and entertainment, is an enchanting keystone of Boston's remarkable West Side.
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Boston Opera House
  • Boston Opera House
  • As home to the Boston Ballet, the Boston Opera House's title may be misleading but its history qualifies it as the struggling heroine of its own operatic tragedy. Over the past century, the site has fallen to disrepair, abandonment, experiencing even a demolishment and reincarnation.
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Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
  • Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
  • Just across the river from downtown Boston and smack in the heart of Harvard University's campus in Cambridge stands a building that resonates exactly with the essence of the word 'art'.
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Colonial Theater
  • Colonial Theater
  • As the oldest running theater in Boston, the Colonial Theater charms visitors with its ornate gold leaf interior and crystal chandeliers. It opened its doors five days before Christmas with a performance of Ben-Hur in 1900, making the theater almost 110 years old.
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Hatch Shell
  • Hatch Shell
  • The Hatch Shell sits alongside Storrow Drive, on the crisp green lawn of the Esplanade. Famous around Boston as one of the premier places for entertainment, the Hatch Shell hosts a variety of breezy outdoor concerts, movies, and speeches.
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House of Blues
  • House of Blues
  • Indulge your musical and gastronomical appetites at Boston's House of Blues, a venue where the music is as spicy as the Cajun food. Boston's locale is one of 12 popular venues in various cities that play host to this performance-inspired powerhouse.
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Paradise Rock Club
  • Paradise Rock Club
  • Flashing lights, pounding bass, voices raised in unison, and a floor slightly sticky with spilled beer—achieving a truly electric rock concert experience requires a delicate balance of ingredients that not all venues can provide.
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Symphony Hall
  • Symphony Hall
  • As the premier venue for the Boston Pops and Boston Symphony Orchestras, Symphony Hall maintains its reputation as one of the best performance halls ever built. Gold leaf detailing, soft lighting, and classical-style European statues provide an ambiance of luxury.
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The Charles Playhouse
  • The Charles Playhouse
  • The Charles Playhouse may be a little tricky to find, tucked away at the end of an obscure alleyway in downtown Boston, but you'll know you've found it when you see the signpost reading...
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Wilbur Theatre
  • Wilbur Theatre
  • Are you looking for a laugh? There's no better venue to chuckle the night away than Boston's Wilbur Theatre. Since 2007, the historical theater has been home to the Comedy Connection, and hosts both comedic and musical talent.
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