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Free in Boston

Free in Boston
Free in Boston

© Corey Leopold

Things in life are always sweeter when they're free, and this is no exception in Boston. With street festivals, movie screenings on the Esplanade, wine and beer tastings, nationally renowned museums and libraries, and unique historical attractions, it's more than easy to do Boston on a dime --- or less.

Boston | Free in Boston

Boston Athenæum
  • Boston Athenæum
  • Entering a library and going from a confusing, noisy, and hectic world to one of complete serenity, order, and calm is a strange sensation.
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Boston Public Garden
Boston Public Library
  • Boston Public Library
  • There are a lot of ugly libraries. After all, most libraries are focused on the collections they hold, rather than the aesthetic appeal of their designs.
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Bunker Hill Monument
  • Bunker Hill Monument
  • "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes," ordered Colonel William Prescott on June 17, 1775, at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the first major battle of the American Revolution.
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Custom House
  • Custom House
  • Once Boston's tallest building, the Custom House is located in McKinley Square in the heart of the Financial District. When this 16-floor architectural marvel was completed, Boston had a 125-foot limit on city buildings.
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Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • With its close proximity to the North End, the Boston Waterfront, and the financial district, the cobblestone walkways and multitude of restaurants and shops in Faneuil Hall Marketplace exude an infectious energy not replicated in any other part of the city.
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Granary Burying Ground
  • Granary Burying Ground
  • Founded in 1660, the Granary Burying Ground is Boston's third oldest cemetery and home to some of its most important historical figures, such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Despite its location in downtown Boston, an eerie peace exists in its shady corners and old, cracked gravestones.
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Massachusetts State House
  • Massachusetts State House
  • Boston is known by many nicknames, which can happen if you've been around for as long as Boston has. Cradle of Liberty, City on a Hill, America's Walking City, and the less impressive Beantown, are some, but one of the town's stranger nicknames is simply the Hub.
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Old Corner Bookstore
  • Old Corner Bookstore
  • The name might suggest a place to pick up an old, out-of-print copy of your favorite classic, but as you arrive at the Old Corner Bookstore, don't let the lack of books disappoint you.
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Old North Church
  • Old North Church
  • Step into the Old North Church and watch your history books come alive. You may recall from middle school the well-known rhyme "one if by land, two if by sea," about the famous midnight ride of Paul Revere.
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Old State House
  • Old State House
  • As the main venue for the stormy debates leading up to the Revolutionary War, the Old State House in Boston might have been the most significant building in America for its role in the outcome of the organized New World.
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USS Constitution
  • USS Constitution
  • There is a certain romance about wooden ships, one that has increased in the past century as their numbers have decreased. Columbus "discovered" America in a wooden sailing ship; the Pilgrims crossed the Atlantic in one, too.
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Walk the Freedom Trail
  • Walk the Freedom Trail
  • Boston visitors can experience some of the most treasured, historical sites of the American Revolution by walking the Freedom Trail, a red-brick 2.5 mile path that leads to 16 nationally recognized historical markers.
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