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If, while you are walking from Faneuil Hall to the North End, you happen to come across sweet-smelling strawberries and countless boxes of fresh mangoes, you've hit Haymarket. Since the early 1800s, produce vendors have assembled here in Haymarket Square to provide customers with a competitive emporium for purchasing their perishable groceries. Open year round, every Friday and Saturday from dawn to dusk, Haymarket boasts rows and rows of vendors selling produce, meat, and fresh seafood. This is not your average farmer's market though; the prices are dirt-cheap, the fruits and vegetables are ripe and colorful, and the environment is hectic. Upon arrival, you might wonder how the prices are so low. Most of the produce comes from the same wholesalers as your local grocery store, but overstock and quickly ripening fruits and veggies mean low prices for Haymarket merchants and a bargain for us consumers.

Everything resides boxed, on tables, and often beneath a thin tarp. Expect lively vendors bustling about while bagging and weighing their products. Some sell in bulk, others by the pound or per unit. The diverse ethnic background of the vendors ensures customers a wide variety of goods, with sugar cane and unique spices among the standard tomatoes and bananas. Get there early in the day, when everything is freshest, and be sure to walk around a bit before making any purchases; this will ensure you get the best deal.

Attraction Information

  • Admission:
  • Free
  • Subway Stop
  • "Haymarket" off of the green and orange lines
  • Contact:
  • Location: Hanover St & Blackstone St, Boston, MA
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