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SoWa Open Market

SoWa Open Market
SoWa Open Market

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If there's one word to describe the SoWa (South of Washington Street) Open Market on Harrison Avenue, it would be colorful, in every positive connotation of the word. Don't be fooled by the uniform white tents that cover each vendor: pink haired girls sell crocheted wallets and splattered paintings while bearded young men with thick, black glasses offer fresh baked goods. A friendly, amiable attitude permeates the air, making this open-air market feel more like a block party. With colorful people and colorful items, everything seems to be vibrant in this indie, artistic corner of Boston. The offerings range from local baked goods and produce to screen print t-shirts, handmade jewelry and knitted…well, everything! There are also nonprofit groups, musicians selling CDs, artists selling painting and photographs; there are even antique stalls that have everything from kitschy to classy. Prices fall all over the place; some of the goods are fairly cheap while others have a more expensive price tag expected of one-of-a-kind items.

The SoWa open market runs every Sunday all summer, but don't expect to see the same thing every time you go. Vendors drive from all over New England to sell at Sowa, and they are chosen carefully so that the market can obtain the widest amount of diversity possible. It also means that all the vendors are of a very high creative caliber and quality. With so much to offer, it's definitely a good thing that the market doesn't sprawl for too far, making it just the right length for a Sunday stroll with some serious browsing and snacking.

Attraction Information

  • Subway Stop:
  • Take the Orange Line to New England Medical Center, or the Red Line to Broadway.
  • Contact:
  • Location: 460 Harrison Ave, Boston MA
  • Phone: 800-403-8305
  • Website:
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