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Whale Watching

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

© Henrik Dreisler

Whales seem to evoke a child-like wonder in most of us. Maybe it’s their sheer size, dwarfing us until we’re kids at the aquarium again with our sticky fingers pressed against the thick, blue glass that separates us from another world, our eyes huge and trained on the biggest, strangest creature drifting by.

Whale watches by nature can be hit or miss, but it’s the anticipation, the hope, and the possible exultation that we’re really paying for. Yes- there’s a chance of disappointment, but not everything in life can be guaranteed. Fortunately, the waters surrounding Provincetown on Cape Cod provide some of the best whale watching in the country, and if you take a trip with Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch you have a very good chance of spotting multiple kinds of whales as they break the surface of the water. Some of these include the Humpback whale with their haunting songs, the Minke whale, Fin whales, and the extremely endangered North Atlantic Right whale. Seals and playful dolphins also frequent the area. The staff is helpful and highly knowledgeable, and cruises can last from three to four hours.

Not even humans, who are so good at bottling and displaying creatures, can contain a Humpback whale in an aquarium, leaving them in a shroud of mystery and intrigue. Taking a Dolphin Fleet Whale Watching cruise is a great way to experience something natural along with a childish amazement you may not have felt in years.

Attraction Information

  • Admission:
  • Adults: $39
  • Children 12 & under: $31
  • Children under 5: Free
  • Contact:
  • Location: 307 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA
  • Phone: 800-826-9300‎
  • Website:
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