Your Destination Guide to Cape Cod

Destination Guide Cape Cod - Your Destination Guide to Cape Cod, MA

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Sticking out from the continent like a muscular forearm, Cape Cod boasts 559 miles of coastline divided among ocean beaches on the southern and eastern coasts and bayside beaches along the northern and western coasts.

For many, the prized asset of Cape Cod's shoreline is the 40-mile stretch of the National Seashore, established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 and home to unspoiled dunes, hiking trails, lighthouses, wildlife preserves, and some of the best beaches in North America.

As the birthplace of legendary American abolitionist Captain Jonathan Walker; Katherine Lee Bates, (author of America the Beautiful); and renowned painter Ralph Cahoon, Cape Cod's small size often belies its diversity. Becoming progressively rural as you travel eastward, the Cape is truly a world unto itself.

Cape Cod | Areas

  • Mid-Cape
  • Situated right where the bicep would be on the arm of Cape Cod, the Mid-Cape truly packs a punch by encompassing a seven-village municipality of Barnstable, in which Hyannis is the largest, along...
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Outer Cape
  • Outer Cape
  • From the colonial days of 1621 when the Pilgrims had their first encounter with Eastham's Nauset Indians, to inventor Guglielmo Marconi's first transatlantic wireless radio transmission, residents of the Outer Cape have made monumental contributions to the development of modern America.
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Upper Cape
  • Upper Cape
  • Pilgrim leader Miles Standish had a brilliant idea in 1623-- let's slice Cape Cod off the mainland so that merchant ships can sail up the Atlantic coast to our colony on the Upper Cape! If only he...
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