Your Destination Guide to Cape Cod

Destination Guide Cape Cod - Your Destination Guide to Cape Cod, MA

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Geologically, it’s the largest barrier island in the world — composed entirely of sand. No wonder the main attraction on the Cape is its shoreline. But the fun doesn’t end there. Thanks to a few centuries of development, Cape Cod offers hundreds of ways to explore its fascinating land and sea-based history via museums, theaters, whale watching cruises, wildlife sanctuaries, and art galleries. Take a plunge into the realm of the first settlers to the New World whose influence lingers in delightful ways.

Cape Cod Attractions

Mid-Cape Beaches
  • Mid-Cape Beaches
  • With a winning combination of clear water and smooth sand on both the bay and oceanside beaches, as well as kid-minded accommodations such as playgrounds and snack bars, it’s no wonder that the Mid-Cape is home to the most popular and family-friendly beaches on the Cape.
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Mid-Cape Sights
  • Mid-Cape Sights
  • Referring to the central section of Cape Cod, the Mid-Cape is the most populated and the most visited part of the Cape. It’s the seat of the government and the center of commerce for the entire region.
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Outer Cape Beaches
  • Outer Cape Beaches
  • If you’re looking for a place to surf on the Cape, look no further than the beaches on the Outer Cape. Here you will find ocean beaches that are on par with those in Hawaii and Florida offering some of the best waves, swimming, and sun available on the Atlantic coastline.
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Outer Cape Sights
Upper Cape Beaches
  • Upper Cape Beaches
  • For incredible views of Martha’s Vineyard, Buzzard’s Bay, and Cape Cod Bay, the beaches of the Upper Cape can’t be beat. The soft sand is the perfect place to relax and catch up on some reading, while the many creeks around these beaches are fantastic for kayaking and fishing.
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Upper Cape Sights


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