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Wellfleet Flea Market

Wellfleet Flea Market
Wellfleet Flea Market

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You can find some of the most incredible, inexpensive, and indispensable things at flea markets, and Wellfleet Flea Market is Cape Cod’s biggest and best. Located in the parking lot of one of America’s last drive-in theaters, the market attracts up to 300 vendors, becoming a virtual metropolis of identical white tents that spring up overnight. The variety in wares is part of what makes Wellfleet such a great flea market; you can find everything from Cape Cod memorabilia and pots and pans, to Guatemalan sweaters and vinyl records. Stalls with antique necklaces and bright, plastic earrings rub elbows with handmade carvings and Tupperware sets. The people-watching is not to be scoffed at either, with sellers and shoppers from all over New England. It’s easy to spend the day visiting Wellfleet’s Flea Market, thanks to the snack bar, beer garden, restrooms, and playground (for youngsters who lack shopping stamina). The occasional vendor hawks cheap, low-quality items, but you’ll find just as many unique stalls. These can include an elderly woman peddling homemade jellies and jams, or a man selling handcrafted jewelry made from coral and silver.

The flea market is huge, bustling, and slightly overwhelming, but it’s not too hard to block out the sounds of advertising and haggling to focus on the really good finds. Make sure to wear a hat or bring sunscreen because it’s all outdoors, and the Cape Cod sun is a force to be reckoned with. Bring your dog along (on leash) to help you peruse the aisles for new finds, or pile the whole family in the car to take advantage of the inexpensive parking for a day of shopping (just $1). Once you’ve had your fill, stay and catch the drive-in’s two current double features for $8.50 per person on their huge 100’x44’ screen.

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