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Destination Guide Cincinnati - Your Destination Guide to Cincinnati, OH

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Whether because of its hills or its history, Cincinnati is a city of distinct neighborhoods. Each has its own character and particular draw for people throughout the city. Clifton's student standbys run into Northside's music scene. Shop away in Hyde Park and then relax with a beer and a burger down the street in Mt. Lookout Square. Like sports, arts or theatre? Head downtown! If you don't like the scene in one neighborhood, there's sure to be something more your style just one highway exit away.

Cincinnati | Areas

Betts-Longworth Historic District
  • Betts-Longworth Historic District
  • Driving on Clark Street through The Betts-Longworth Historic District is like traveling in a time machine. The muddled past of the area is clearly visible as each historic period is well documented in the area's architecture.
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Downtown Cincinnati
  • Downtown Cincinnati
  • By the 19th century, downtown was exactly what you would imagine as a bustling city center. At the time, Cincinnati was the frontier of the United States and a hub for trade. The Ohio River and the Miami/Erie Canal fostered the city's speedy growth as the population rose to 115,000 in 1850.
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Montgomery, Ohio
  • Montgomery, Ohio
  • Settled in 1795 by a group of families from Orange County, New York, Montgomery has quaint old-town charm, yet is just a short drive from downtown Cincinnati. Originally a mill town and coach stop on the Cincinnati-Columbus-Cleveland Highway, Montgomery is now an affluent residential community.
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Mt. Adams
  • Mt. Adams
  • Mount Adams is a geographical landmark and quaint residential neighborhood that boasts many of Cincinnati's best restaurants, nightclubs, and taverns.
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Mt. Auburn
  • Mt. Auburn
  • A short drive from downtown up Sycamore Street, leads you to one of Cincinnati's most storied neighborhoods, Mt. Auburn. While not known for its shopping or dining, Mt. Auburn offers a distinct glimpse into the history of the Queen City.
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Mt. Lookout
  • Mt. Lookout
  • Dating back to 1870, Mt. Lookout has as much historic importance as it does social. The numerous bars and restaurants sprinkled throughout Mt.
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  • Northside
  • Tucked away just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown and the buoyant college campus in Clifton, sits a neighborhood full of arts and entertainment: Northside.
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  • O'Bryonville
  • Come for the brownies, stay for the art. The upscale O'Bryonville Business District's is a stretch of independent boutiques and galleries between Hyde Park and East Walnut Hills.
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Over the Rhine
  • Over the Rhine
  • For the past couple of decades, Cincinnati lost contact with one of its oldest children. Once a thriving and self-sufficient neighborhood, Over the Rhine has gone through a perilous journey without actually going anywhere. It aged while backs were turned, aching for the recognition it deserved.
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