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Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams
Mt. Adams

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Mount Adams is a geographical landmark and quaint residential neighborhood that boasts many of Cincinnati's best restaurants, nightclubs, and taverns. The hilltop locale offers sweeping views of the Ohio river and downtown Cincinnati, and is enclosed by Eden Park—one the city's most scenic areas. The condensed neighborhood is best explored by walking, with its narrow, winding streets and charming, diverse architecture. Landmarks of the area include Krohn Conservatory, one of the country's largest public greenhouses, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and the historic Immaculata Church.

Mt. Adams has a rich history of wine making, art, and entertainment. Originally known as Mt. Ida, the area was renamed after President John Quincy Adams in 1843 after his dedication address to the newly opened Cincinnati Observatory. At the time, the hilltop was owned entirely by winemaker Nicolas Longsworth, who created America's first sparkling wine and for a brief time catapulted Ohio into the center of the country's wine-making industry. Longsworth's great-granddaughter, Maria Longworth Stroer, introduced art to Mt. Adams in 1892 when she relocated her pottery factory to the area. Her work, known as Rookwood Pottery, quickly became internationally proclaimed for its unique tints and finishes, and remains highly sought after by private collectors and museums.

Today, Mt. Adams is home to over 1,500 residents and is a popular nightlife destination for the twenty-something crowd. Restaurants on the hill range from quaint, locally owned dives, to authentic Irish pubs and chic Asian eateries. City View Tavern, a cozy, charming joint, is a favorite among the locals. It stands tucked in a row of residential homes and offers spectacular views of the city from its outdoor balcony, along with juicy burgers and beer. The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant, set inside what was once the studio for Rookwood Pottery, showcases pieces of the world-renowned ceramics and offers dining inside the giant kilns. After a meal, visitors can explore The Gilded Age, a small boutique that specializes in jewelry, antiques and gifts. It is often praised as the hill's best place to shop, and sells an array of unique sterling silver pieces, gemstone necklaces, and Parisian handbags that make excellent gifts.

One of the top tourist attractions on the hill is the Holy Cross-Immaculata Church, a registered historic landmark. Visitors trek up 89 steps to the gothic and limestone structure to get a panoramic view of the Ohio River, downtown Cincinnati, and northern Kentucky. The lengthy climb up to the 150-year old landmark remains an annual Good Friday tradition for Catholics.

Visitors to Mt. Adams can also jaunt down to the Cincinnati Art Museum via the grand Ida Street viaduct, which connects the neighborhood to Eden Park. The museum is one of the oldest art institutions in the Midwest and is home to 60,000 works of art and a chic, modern café.

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