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Historical and Cultural

Historical and Cultural
Historical and Cultural

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In Cincinnati, sports are as much a part of the history as they are of today's culture. America's first team of baseball has its stadium here alongside others, a loyal anchor of the changing riverfront. Many landmark buildings still stand, as much worth visiting for their distinctive architecture, as for the history that resides within. Politics and presidents are still on show and beyond museums, the open air fun of markets and public spaces carry a sense of history into today's life.

Cincinnati | Historical and Cultural

Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant
  • Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant
  • A wonderful way to see the stunning Ohio countryside and to dip your toes into a historical wading pool of 19th century mystique, is to follow State Route 52 to the town of Point Pleasant, and the birthplace of Ulysses S.
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Carew Tower Observation Deck
  • Carew Tower Observation Deck
  • In the center of the city stands the 574 foot Carew Tower, one of the Cincinnati's tallest buildings and a landmark for over 70 years. The tower's construction and development began during the Great Depression.
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Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption
Cincinnati Observatory
  • Cincinnati Observatory
  • Empty wine bottle; vinegar; baking soda; BOOM – cork flies in the air, fizz bubbles onto the pavement; science is fun! Applied science is a great way to integrate understanding and enjoyment to subjects that may otherwise be boring coming from a book.
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Findlay Market
  • Findlay Market
  • The colorful awnings of Findlay Market are centrally located in the historic and architecturally rich area of Cincinnati known as Over-the-Rhine.
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Fountain Square
  • Fountain Square
  • Fountain Square is the bustling cultural and recreational nucleus of downtown Cincinnati. Located at the corner of Fifth and Vine Streets, the hardscaped square serves as a public rallying point, concert venue, dining hot spot, holiday ice rink, and general meeting spot.
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Great American Ball Park
  • Great American Ball Park
  • Thousands of fans decked out in red and white spirit wear line the streets of downtown Cincinnati as they walk down to the river for a Reds game.
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Hamilton County Memorial Building
Harriet Beecher Stowe House
Holy Cross-Immaculata Church
  • Holy Cross-Immaculata Church
  • Any church that has stood for a significant length of time is bound to possess an intriguing mixture of magnificent sights and fascinating history, both worldly and spiritual. The Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church is no exception.
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Old Crosley Field
  • Old Crosley Field
  • The corner of Western Avenue and Findlay Street in Cincinnati is an unassuming site. A few light-industrial buildings, nestled by I-75, look like nothing more than components of a basic Midwestern cityscape.
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Paul Brown Stadium
Taft National Historic Site and Home
Union Terminal
  • Union Terminal
  • Its majestic dome is unique, instantly recognizable, and as long as it stands it will remain a Cincinnati landmark. Located just outside downtown, Union Terminal rests at the end of its own private boulevard, towering over a lawn, fountain, and pool.
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