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Destination Guide Cincinnati - Your Destination Guide to Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati may be a smaller city now, but its heyday of cultural, political, and economic significance can be seen in the impressive range of museums. The art and exhibits cover all ranges of eras, styles, and topics in each unique building, from striking modern architecture to classic grandeur turned to good use. Cincinnati offers the culture of a big city, without the pretensions, hordes of tour groups, or high prices.

Cincinnati | Museums

American Classical Music Hall of Fame
  • American Classical Music Hall of Fame
  • Music has an inexplicable, but undeniable ability to affect people in a way that few other things can. With the right combination of notes, tempo, and rhythm, a piece of music can set your spirit soaring or move you to tears.
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Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
  • Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
  • If you have ever raised a family – or been part of one – then you know how difficult it is to find activities that will engage people of various ages who all have different interests.
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Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • The Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the oldest art institutions in the United States. It sits regal and Romanesque in the hills of Eden Park and houses one of the most comprehensive art collections in the Midwest.
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Cincinnati Historical Library
  • Cincinnati Historical Library
  • Ever wonder what life was like for your grandparents growing up during World War II? Doing research for a term paper or trying find out about your ancestors who were among the original settlers of Cincinnati? Then the Cincinnati Historical Library is the place to go.
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Cincinnati History Museum
  • Cincinnati History Museum
  • The Cincinnati History Museum, located inside the historic Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, is a smaller-than-life representation of the Queen City from 1900 to World War II.
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Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Cincinnati Museum Center
  • The Cincinnati Museum Center has made its home in Cincinnati's Union Terminal since 1990. In addition to its own collections, the Museum Center regularly features traveling exhibitions, and is home of the state-of-the-art OMNIMAX Theater.
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Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Most Cincinnatians will mistakenly boast the Reds as being the oldest professional baseball franchise; that is not the case. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were founded in 1866 and in 1869 became recognized as the first professional team in a country that pronounces the game its national past time.
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Contemporary Arts Center
  • Contemporary Arts Center
  • The imposing grey and black concrete angles and tall glass walls dominate their central downtown corner, demanding attention and discussion. The six jutting floors of the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art (CAC) curve out of the sidewalk just a block from Fountain Square.
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Creation Museum
  • Creation Museum
  • Where can you find dinosaurs, an animatronic talking Noah, and the "Garden of Eden" all in one place? They can be found at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, of course.
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Duke Energy Children's Museum
  • Duke Energy Children's Museum
  • How can the tugboat reach the next level of the canal? At the interactive water table, children will experiment with cause-and-effect while learning basic principles of physics.
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Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati
Legends Museum at Cincinnati Gardens
  • Legends Museum at Cincinnati Gardens
  • When the Cincinnati Gardens was built in 1949, it was the seventh largest arena in the United States at nearly 25,000 square feet. Since, the Gardens has become relatively small in size, but not before hosting many of Cincinnati's most memorable guests and events.
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Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum
  • Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum
  • The sound of a Louisville Slugger striking a baseball is unmistakable. The crack of the bat has been compelling baseball fans to their feet for decades, and it's this storied history that has made Louisville Sluggers as integral to the sport of baseball as the players that swung them.
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Mary Todd Lincoln House
  • Mary Todd Lincoln House
  • You probably know Abraham Lincoln as the president who struggled to preserve the Union and who published the Emancipation Proclamation, putting an end to American slavery during the Civil War.
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Museum of Natural History and Science
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • Before the Civil War, the Ohio River meant freedom. Even though it was the primary water route for the still-thriving American slave trade, the river was also the border between the slave states of the South and the free states of the Northwest Territory.
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  • OMNIMAX Theater
  • The Robert D. Linder Family OMNIMAX Theater opened its doors in 1990 as a part of the newly dedicated Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. The OMNIMAX is a product of IMAX, formerly called the IMAX Dome.
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Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati
  • Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati
  • Put on a conductor's hat and prepare for a journey into the past. Without Plutonium, a DeLorean, or a crazy scientist, the four collections of trains at the Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati bring the history of locomotion to life.
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Taft Museum
  • Taft Museum
  • The Taft Museum of Art may be among Cincinnati's most underrated attractions. This cultural gem rests behind a perfectly manicured lawn near downtown's Lytle Park.
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