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Creation Museum

Creation Museum
Creation Museum

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Where can you find dinosaurs, an animatronic talking Noah, and the "Garden of Eden" all in one place? They can be found at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, of course. Come prepared for a literal walk through the history of the Bible, from creation through consummation (the fulfillment of God's Plan). For many believers, the Bible comes to life vividly through these exhibits, in a way that you can't find anywhere else in the world.

The museum strives to show that creationists and evolutionists study the same sets of evidence in order to formulate their separate views. Museum guests are encouraged to objectively study the data of geology, astronomy, physics, biology, and anthropology to verify the scriptural authority of the Bible. To emphasize this point, "God's Word" and "Human Reason" explanations are presented side by side at every exhibit.

Overlooking the main hall, visitors are met with a towering, animatronic, 40-foot long Sauropod dinosaur. Then visitors can walk through exhibits called "The Seven C's of History" (creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, cross, and consummation) which were designed to give an overview of God's plan as told from the biblical perspective.

Take a stroll through the Voyage of the Ark room, where a life-like talking Noah answers questions about the flood. Other notable exhibits include an archeological dig site where kids can look for hidden fossils and touch a dinosaur bone. The room dedicated to the Ark construction site depicts the ark that Noah built, at 1/5th scale. Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, all of the exhibits are first class.

One of the more popular shows is the Stargazers Planetarium show, utilizing HD technology (additional fee) that explores the biblical history of the universe under a dome, similar to an IMAX experience. The Men in White show (free with admission) examines the purpose of life versus the assumptions of evolution theory utilizing special effects and actors.

Outside, the museum has its very own "Eden" inspired outdoor gardens and a nature path encircling a three-acre lake. Nestled along the two-mile long path are wildflowers, waterfalls, and ponds with fish, including the koi pond. Look for the butterfly, hummingbird, and rainforest gardens, and the carnivorous bog garden with Venus flytrap plants. Keep an eye out for the T. Rex Topiary and prepare to balance yourself on the rope suspension bridge. Visitors will want to keep their camera close by for the many picture taking opportunities along the trail. The shaded pavilion area is perfect for a packed lunch, and children will enjoy the Petting Zoo, near the end of the trail.

The museum was founded by Ken Hamm of the non-profit organization "Answers in Genesis." According to its web site, Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry that primarily focuses on helping Christians to defend their faith. The secondary goal is to provide answers to questions about Genesis, the most questioned book in the Bible.

The privately funded museum is located seven miles from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and approximately 20 miles from downtown Cincinnati. Open to the public since May 2007, the museum has received over one million visitors.

Attraction Information

  • Hours:
  • Monday through Friday*: 10am to 6pm
  • *Open Fridays until 9pm, March through September
  • Saturday: 9am to 6pm
  • Sunday: 12pm to 6pm
  • Regular Admission:
  • Adults (13-59 yrs): $21.95
  • Senior (60 yrs & up): $16.95
  • Children (5-12 yrs): $11.95
  • Fire, Military Police (active duty only): Free
  • Children (under 5 yrs): Free
  • Two-Day Pass:
  • Adults (13-59 yrs): $29.95
  • Senior (60 yrs & up): $22.95
  • Children (5-12 yrs): $14.95
  • Children (under 5 yrs): Free
  • Stargazers Planetarium:
  • With museum admission: $7
  • Planetarium alone: $8
  • Contact:
  • Location: Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, KY, (located 7 miles west of the Cincinnati Airport)
  • Phone: 888-582-4253
  • Website:
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