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Museum of Natural History and Science

Museum of Natural History and Science
Museum of Natural History and Science

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Since the Cincinnati Museum Center's grand re-opening in 1990, the Museum of Natural History & Science has served the Cincinnati area and its visitors as a world-class institution. Visitors take a step back through time on a tour of the Greater Cincinnati area as it was during the ice age, 19,000 years ago. They can also explore the terrain and wildlife of local caves through the recreation of an underground cavern. In the fully interactive exhibit All About You, visitors discover the workings of the human body hands-on. In addition, the museum regularly features special exhibits and demonstrations to promote an understanding of the natural world.

Visitors enter a recreation of a time long ago when the last Ohio Valley glacier began its northward retreat. On your visit, find out about local wildlife the Cincinnati area hosted in the days of the Ice Age and the methods scientists used to research them. A simulated glacier allows you to experiment with force and water run-off. Displays of early human life in the area illustrate the evolution and day-to-day activities of ancient Cincinnatians. The cavern, a simulation of an underground cave, features beginner and advanced trails, a waterfall, an underground stream, a chamber of stalagmites and stalactites, and a live bat colony. The beginner trail is fully wheelchair accessible and features lookout points to the advanced trail, which spans two levels.

All About You is a permanent exhibit that educates guests on the functions of various body systems and organs. A skeleton named Mr. Bones is a useful tool for visitors—they can match his bones to those discussed in the information panels that line the exhibit walls. Another educational tool is the giant doll Stuffee, who the museum staff periodically unzips down the front to allow audience members to view the different organ systems. All About You also has areas dedicated to the senses, and flow charts that demonstrate several important processes that occur within the body. This part of the museum also features a giant set of teeth, which guests can clean with larger-than-life floss.

A favorite among younger visitors to the museum is Nature's Trading Post. Here, children are educated on the proper techniques for collecting artifacts from nature, and the preservation of the natural world. Young naturalists can bring in samples from a list of acceptable specimens collected on their own and brought from home, and trade them for points. The only catch is that it is not enough to produce these samples; children must be able to answer a list of questions about their artifacts to prove that they have learned from the exercise. For a list of acceptable and unacceptable items, and the questions asked by the museum staff, see the museum's website.

The purchase of tickets to the Museum of Natural History & Science may be applied towards a membership to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal when purchased on the same day of the visit. Admission purchased in combination with tickets to other museums within the Museum Center, and to the OMNIMAX Theater, receives a discounted price. The Museum of Natural History & Science is handicap accessible and hosts occasional special events for children and families.

Attraction Information

  • Hours:
  • Monday through Saturday: 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 6pm
  • Admission:
  • Adults: $8.50
  • Seniors: $7.50
  • Children (ages 3-12): $6.50
  • Toddlers (ages 1-2): $4.50
  • Infants (under 1): free
  • Metro Stop:
  • No. 1 bus stops near the museum entrance
  • Parking:
  • Available at the museum for $6, until 4:30pm when the price is reduced to $4
  • Contact:
  • Location: 1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, OH
  • Phone: 513-287-7000
  • Toll free: 800-733-2077
  • TTY: 800-750-0750
  • Website:
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