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Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens
Parks and Gardens

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From community parks to the vast riverbank, Cincinnati's green spaces are found in abundance and sprinkled throughout the city. The variety of activities available is ideal for all walks of life, whether it be horseback riding over Mt. Airy Forest's bridle trails or savoring the fresh scents while hiking through Sharon Woods, taking in the hilltop views at Alms Park or simply strolling along the Ohio River at Sawyer Point. With over 13 percent of the city's land area devoted to parks, and over 16,000 acres just in Hamilton County, Cincinnati gives outdoor enthusiasts plenty to smile about.

Cincinnati | Parks and Gardens

Civic Garden of Greater Cincinnati
  • Civic Garden of Greater Cincinnati
  • There are few things in life more fulfilling than cultivating your very own garden; harvesting your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers gives a sense of pride and self-sufficiency. The Civic Garden of Greater Cincinnati has been promoting these ideals since its establishment in 1942.
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Eden Park
  • Eden Park
  • Eden Park is more than just another public green space, it's a 186-acre destination. Crowning one of Cincinnati's signature hills, this former vineyard boasts views, flowers, and trails as well as art, theater, and history.
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Krohn Conservatory
  • Krohn Conservatory
  • Surrounded by Eden Park and close to Mirror Lake, with a fabulous view of the Ohio River, Krohn Conservatory is home to 3,500 species of exotic plants from around the world.
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Mt. Airy Forest
  • Mt. Airy Forest
  • Mt. Airy Forest is the largest municipal park in the United States, with 1,469 acres of lush forest, valleys, streams, hills, and diverse wild life—all within a 10 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati.
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Parky's Farm
  • Parky's Farm
  • Parky's Farm is 100-acre demonstration farm and petting zoo set inside Winton Woods Park, a sprawling 2,400-acre destination in Cincinnati. The farm is home to a variety of animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses.
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Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
  • Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
  • Visit the Ancient Sculpture Museum at Pyramid Hill to view the history of sculpture. Witness the evolution of this dynamic art form, starting off in the days of ancient man.
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Sawyer Point Park
  • Sawyer Point Park
  • A complete history class is intertwined into Sawyer Point Park at the downtown riverfront. Unique architecture, models, and artwork take visitors through the city’s history, its agriculture,...
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Sharon Woods and Heritage Village
  • Sharon Woods and Heritage Village
  • Established in the early 1900s, Sharon Woods sits upon 730 acres of land in the suburb of Sharonville. The park is part of Hamilton County Parks District and one of the largest in the city, supporting a myriad of recreational activities and facilities available year-round.
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Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
  • Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
  • One of the best places for a tranquil walk in Cincinnati is not on any parks list. Like the famous Père-Lachaise in Paris, La Recolta in Buenos Aires, or Arlington in DC, Cincinnati's Spring Grove is much more than just a graveyard.
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Woodland Mound Park
  • Woodland Mound Park
  • It is too nice of a day to stay indoors. Every view, every object polished by sunlight, encourages the desire to replace an artificial interior environment with the genuine freshness of our abundant Earth. Where better to do this than a park? A suggestion: Woodland Mound Park in Anderson Township.
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