Your Destination Guide to Cincinnati

Destination Guide Cincinnati - Your Destination Guide to Cincinnati, OH

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Despite being a mid-size city, Cincinnati has all the shopping variety and glamour of NY, just on a smaller scale. Fancy malls, gourmet food markets, quaint specialty shops, and premium outlets are conveniently scattered throughout the area. For premium merchandise, stop by the centrally located Kenwood Mall. For an abundance of gourmet and international food items, make a run up to Jungle Jim's in Fairfield. For some old world German trinkets, take a quiet afternoon stroll through MainStrasse Village in Covington. Or for a great bargain, Cincinnati Premium Outlets are only a short drive up I-75, just about halfway to Dayton.

Cincinnati Shopping

Cincinnati Mall
  • Cincinnati Mall
  • The Cincinnati Mall has been known by many names throughout the years, but continues to deliver as a hub of popular retail shopping. Since 1998, the mall has been known as the Forest Fair Mall, The Malls at Forest Fair, Cincinnati Mills, and finally, The Cincinnati Mall.
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Cincinnati Premium Outlets Monroe
  • Cincinnati Premium Outlets Monroe
  • Consumption; Americans are exceptional at it. It keeps our economy moving. It creates jobs. Fantastically, higher amounts of consumption equate to a greater potential to consume in the future. The country's entrepreneurial spirit understands this corollary.
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Deerfield Towne Center
  • Deerfield Towne Center
  • Located on the north side of Cincinnati, Deerfield Towne Center houses over 65 national brand stores and is one of the premier shopping centers in the Cincinnati area. Once a huge field of trees and grass, Deerfield Towne Center has become a bustling metropolis.
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Farmers' Markets
  • Farmers' Markets
  • For those interested in picking up fresh local food while in Cincinnati or just curious as to what is grown in the area, consider taking a trip to one of the city's excellent farmers' markets.
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Fountain Place and Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Fountain Place and Saks Fifth Avenue
  • If you are downtown and need to do some upscale shopping or browsing, head over to the Fountain Place mall and Saks. These shopping locations, just steps away from the busy Fountain Square, cater to those wanting name brand merchandise.
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Jungle Jim's
  • Jungle Jim's
  • Ever needed to buy a 50 pound bag of peanuts? Wish you could get your feta in a three-pound bucket? Or maybe every time you go down the grocery store cheese aisle, the two kinds of cheese in their...
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Kenwood Towne Center
  • Kenwood Towne Center
  • In close proximity to the affluent residential neighborhoods of Montgomery, Indian Hill, and Madeira, and just a 20-minute drive from downtown, Kenwood Towne Center is one of the most popular and upscale shopping centers in Cincinnati.
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Maintrasse Village
  • Maintrasse Village
  • Mainstrasse Village is known primarily for the bevy of bars and nightclubs that line Main Street in Covington. Looking past the revelry reveals a quaint, unique shopping experience fit for both late-night bar hoppers and families.
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Newport on the Levee
  • Newport on the Levee
  • Just on the other side of the Ohio River, shopping meets discovery at Newport on the Levee. This successful hub of shops and entertainment has brought some of the most popular brands right to the...
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Rookwood Commons and Pavilion
Tower Place/Carew Tower Arcade


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