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University Park

University Park
University Park

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A bona fide stomping ground for Denver's student populous, University Park is situated about eight miles south of downtown Denver. A distinctive urban neighborhood that boasts accessible living, it encompasses the diversity of numerous colleges including University of Colorado, Metropolitan State College of Denver. On the North side, University Park is bordered by I-25, the main highway navigating individuals into the heart of Colorado's metropolitan student center. The Regional Transportation District's (RTD) light rails and bus systems are extremely convenient, dependable, and runs daily.

Peppering University Park, along with the distinguished light rails, are old Victorian homes from the early 1950s. Originally built to house faculty members from nearby universities, the residential abodes have become a part of the city's historical framework. While the stretch of modest buildings might not be lavish, the Victorian architecture is charming in its structure and simplicity.

Many of these residential homes have become monuments of University Park and Denver's infrastructure. The University Park Community Council (UPCC) has plans to change and improve the current layout of the neighborhood while still preserving the city's wonderful historic texture. According to the UPCC, its main mission is to "promote and enhance the quality of life in the University Park neighborhood."

While plans for change are currently in the works, the Chamberline Observatory is a University Park attraction that isn't going anywhere. Founded in 1950, the renowned observatory is one of the area's most celebrated sights, and is currently listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Reconstructed and restored by the University of Denver in 2008, the observatory has attracted the nation's largest astronomy society. The observatory affords families, friends, and scientists the opportunity to learn about our universe. The observatory's most prized possession is its 1894 Clark-Saegmuller 20-inch refracting telescope. Guests come to pay homage to the illustrious telescope, peering through its massive lenses while simultaneously learning about the Big Bang and the origins of the solar system.

Getting lost in the cosmos is just one of University Park's many appeals. Whether you have a hankering for a fish taco at Wahoo's Fish Taco, a quiche and cappuccino at Café Bohemia, or a falafel at Denver's most popular Middle Eastern restaurant, Jerusalem's, University Park offers urbanites a bottomless selection, thus proving to be a true urban delight.

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