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Coloradoans are known for taking pride in homegrown specialties, and their ale is no exception. Places like Prague, Munich, and Dublin may have started beer culture centuries ago, but for the past few decades U.S. microbreweries have been hot on their heels. At the forefront of this libation revolution is Denver, home to several of the most celebrated new craft brews on the market. So check out the local hotspots like Del Norte Brewery (the only Mexican lager brewery in the country) and Wynkoop Brewing Co. (hey, if the mayor created this brew house, it must be pretty good). Read on for directions or just follow the hops in the air.

Denver | Breweries

Breckenridge Blake Street Pub
  • Breckenridge Blake Street Pub
  • When Richard Squire began brewing in the 1980s, he hoped to create beer as equally invigorating as the mountains he loved to ski. Ten years later, Squire founded Breckenridge Brewery in Breckenridge Colorado.
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Breckenridge Brew Pub and BBQ
  • Breckenridge Brew Pub and BBQ
  • It isn't called a brewski for nothing. As residents of one of the major beer capitals of the world, Coloradans will assure you that the only thing better than a great snow on the slopes is a great glass of suds after the slopes.
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Del Norte Brewery
  • Del Norte Brewery
  • When most people think of Mexican beers, the Corona and Dos Equis conglomerates naturally come to mind. What about a U.S. microbrewery that specializes exclusively in Mexican-style craft beer? Now this is a little harder to conjure because until a few years ago, nothing of the sort existed.
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Denver Chophouse and Brewery
Great Divide Brewery
  • Great Divide Brewery
  • It would be difficult to discuss Colorado craft beers without mentioning Great Divide Brewing CO. Established in 1994 by Brian Dunn, Great Divide pioneered the micro brew scene in Denver.
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Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
  • Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
  • "Serious about our food. Crazy about our beer." Rock Bottom restaurant and Brewery in Denver fulfills its slogan with attentive service, a delicious menu, and locally brewed beers. The large-scale operation encompasses 36 locations nationwide, delivering 40,000 barrels of beer yearly.
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Wynkoop Brewing Company
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company
  • Wynkoop Brew Pub's elegant atmosphere is a successful blend of rustic charm and casual sophistication. Hard wood flooring and tin pressed ceilings are joined by thick timber pillars.
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