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Destination Guide LA - Your Destination Guide to Los Angeles, CA

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Family Activities

Family Activities
Family Activities

Los Angeles has plenty of activities to keep families entertained; there are city, regional and state parks within its borders, children's museums to explore, and fairs and festivals, as well as most of the town's popular tourist attractions.

Los Angeles | Family Activities

Aquarium of the Pacific
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  • Most aquariums offer people a glimpse into a mystifying underwater world, but few allow visitors to partake in the research conducted by real-life marine explorers: the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium does just that.
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California Adventure
California Science Center
  • California Science Center
  • Created "to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone", the California Science Center has certainly accomplished that mission, judging by the many awards it has received—three as recently as 2008.
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  • Disneyland
  • You're in Southern California; what are you going to do now? You're going to Disneyland! An enchanting experience for people of all ages, Disneyland, true to its word, is the happiest place on earth.
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Knott's Berry Farm
  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • You would not mistake Knott's Berry Farm for a farm today, unless you've been living in a cave for the past 40 years.
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Los Angeles Zoo
  • Los Angeles Zoo
  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The famed Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966, is located in Los Angeles' historical Griffith Park and is owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles.
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Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • A fascinating and curious collection of historic treasures and hearsay mysteries, the Museum of Jurassic Technology requires close your close attention: is it real or imagined? This Twilight...
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Natural History Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • As the largest natural and historical museum in the Western United States and an active research center, NHM safeguards more than 35 million spectacular, diverse specimens and artifacts covering 4.5 billion years of history. This museum is truly a crown jewel of Los Angeles' museums.
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Pacific Park, Santa Monica
  • Pacific Park, Santa Monica
  • The California sunshine warms your skin as the Pacific Wheel lifts you more than a hundred feet above the pier. You might even catch some ocean spray while riding the West Coaster.
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Raging Waters
  • Raging Waters
  • You climb the stairs a little shaky, palms sweating. You lie down, assume the position, creep out over the edge, and plummet seven stories down at what feels like a 90-degree angle, flattening out...
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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
  • Prepare to get your feet wet! Located just off the Interstate 5 freeway on Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia, CA, the towering tropical-themed Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park features the two tallest fully-enclosed waterslides in Southern California.
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Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • If you've ever wanted to strap yourself into a chair to be raised hundreds of feet in the air and then hurled at high speeds on some of the world's most extreme roller coasters, then southern California's Six Flags Magic Mountain is the place for you.
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Walk of Fame
  • Walk of Fame
  • The 3.5-mile round-trip stroll along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street is the world's most famous stretch of concrete, and is also known as the Walk of Fame.
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