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Water Sports

Water Sports
Water Sports

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Southern California may have a reputation for surfers and summer sun, but catching a wave is just the beginning. Its assorted beaches are ripe for swimming, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, and surfing of all types.

Los Angeles | Water Sports

Jet Skiing
  • Jet Skiing
  • The Los Angeles area—from its innermost harbors to far-flung Catalina Island—has more jet skiing locations than PWC (Personal Water Craft) brands.
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  • Kayaking
  • There's nothing quite like the feeling of gliding effortlessly along the surface of a large body of water, especially true when the watercraft you happen to be in is a small plastic kayak.
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Sailing and Boating
  • Sailing and Boating
  • Oh, those balmy days, easy-going breezes, and sunshine. Water under you, sun above you, wind behind you, and LA's inimitable warmth wrapped around you.
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SCUBA Diving
  • SCUBA Diving
  • The dry side of LA may count its riches by Hollywood standards, but the wet side is a world where your sand dollar goes far, and shells are recognized as luxury items. Underwater LA is one of the richest areas of the city, and the best way to visit is on a dive.
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  • Snorkeling
  • Grab a mask, snorkel, fins, and underwater camera and explore the natural habitat of the Pacific Ocean. The extensive coastline of California leads to warm blue-green waters, coral displays, and schools of colorful fish, making snorkeling and SCUBA diving a popular activity in Los Angeles.
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  • Surfing
  • When conjuring the Los Angeles lifestyle, a few things immediately come to mind: summertime, surfing, and the Beach Boys.
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  • Swimming
  • Whether it is the smell of chlorine and the steady splash of swimmers kicking lap after lap, or the sound of ocean waves crashing onto the beach, swimming is a sport that, once it hooks you, will pull you to the water like the moon pulls the tides.
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