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Venice and Beverly Hills. Hollywood and Laguna Beach. If these names sound familiar, it's for a good reason. Los Angeles encompasses some of the trendiest, most prominent neighborhoods in the United States. Whether home to the rich and famous or the stage of a drama series, the city is lush with notoriety from one area to another. Deep-rooted neighborhoods mingle with burgeoning locales that often fluctuate, re-inventing the city gradually in the process. This constant transformation resonates with a diversity that includes culturally significant sectors of almost every ethnicity imaginable. But in this ultra-concentrated city, somehow there's always room to move.

Los Angeles | Areas

Bel Air
  • Bel Air
  • The brainchild of oil millionaire Alphonzo Edward Bell, Bel Air is a residential neighborhood of Los Angeles whose name has become synonymous with wealth, exclusivity, and material excess.
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Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Hills
  • Ensconced in the foothills to the northwest of Los Angeles, the city of Beverly Hills, though encompassing a mere 5.7 square miles, is perhaps one of the most well-known names in the world.
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  • Brentwood
  • Along Brentwood's leafy streets, lined by long driveways, lavishly-landscaped front lawns, and stone and marbled facades, the most common vehicles are Mercedes – along with tour buses hoping to glimpse someone famous.
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  • Chinatown
  • Strewn with paper lanterns, glowing neon lights, and sweeping rooflines, Chinatown Los Angeles is a kaleidoscopic spectacle just a few miles northeast of downtown.
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  • Downtown
  • Near Los Angeles' geographic center, the Downtown area's heart is all business, but its arts and cultural institutions give it soul.
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  • Hollywood
  • First incorporated as a municipal district of the greater Los Angeles area in 1903, Hollywood is situated a few miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and extends into the Hollywood Hills.
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  • Malibu
  • The Chumash Indians called it "Humaliwo," meaning "where the surf sounds loudly," others call it a paradise where "the mountains meet the sea." It once rose to popularity as "Surf City USA," and...
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Marina Del Rey
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Concentrated within an area only a mile and a half square, Marina del Rey swells with fun and sun despite its meager size. Where marsh once dominated, man has transformed the landscape into a thriving harbor lined with a parade of over 5,000 yachts.
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Pacific Palisades
  • Pacific Palisades
  • If you head west on Sunset Boulevard to its very end when it widens and spills onto the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), you've just gone through the Palisades, as the locals call that tony enclave, Pacific Palisades.
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  • Pasadena
  • Aptly named the "City of Roses" by many Southern California natives, this satellite city is the 6th largest city in Los Angeles County and the main cultural center of the San Gabriel Valley.
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San Fernando Valley
  • San Fernando Valley
  • The San Fernando Valley encompasses the northern portion of the City of Angels and the surrounding area. Images invoked when thinking about the San Fernando Valley: the 6.7-magnitude Northridge earthquake of 1994, the adult entertainment industry, and those snotty Valley Girl phrases.
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Santa Monica
  • Santa Monica
  • There has always been something intangibly alluring about Santa Monica, something that attracts vacationers from the East Coast, the Northwest, Europe, and even native Californians from all over the state.
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Topanga Canyon
  • Topanga Canyon
  • Topanga Canyon is an unincorporated area in Western Los Angeles, meaning that its eighteen square miles knows no immediate government oversight, but instead is beholden only to the greater County of Los Angeles.
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  • Venice
  • The simple idea of a sunny California beach is enough to evoke idyllic daydreams. Add to this countless artistic shops, street performers, food booths, and muscle men working out on the sand, and you have only a glimpse of the fabulously funky Venice Beach.
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West Hollywood
  • West Hollywood
  • At 1.9 square miles, West Hollywood is compact in size and high in profile. Unlike the rest of Los Angeles, the city of West Hollywood is ideal for exploring on foot. The portion of Sunset...
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  • Westwood
  • As an area, Westwood can be defined by several standout attractions, one of which is Westwood Village, a cross section of streets that boasts a great variety of restaurants and shops.
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