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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

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Ensconced in the foothills to the northwest of Los Angeles, the city of Beverly Hills, though encompassing a mere 5.7 square miles, is perhaps one of the most well-known names in the world. Launched into limelight by movie star settlers in the early 1920's, Beverly Hills has earned its reputation as a magnet for celebrities and the ultra-rich by settling for nothing less than the highest quality of life achievable. With an annual operating budget rivaling that of the Gross National Product of the British Virgin Islands, and top-notch city police and fire services, today Beverly Hills is the city that so many movie stars of old tried to create: a place of safety, sunshine, and celebrity.

It is said that no one is born or dies within Beverly Hills: there are no hospitals, no mortuaries, and no cemeteries. In this way, Beverly Hills retains its reputation as a near Utopia and thus keeps its high-society, ultra-elite community intact. And though people other than celebrities and the ultra-rich do live here, it may be hard to find them. With a police station that boasts a response time of less than one minute, wayward pedestrians are routinely stopped and redirected towards the city's preferred promenade, that pinnacle of boutique shopping and fabled opulence, Rodeo Drive.

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