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Along Brentwood's leafy streets, lined by long driveways, lavishly-landscaped front lawns, and stone and marbled facades, the most common vehicles are Mercedes – along with tour buses hoping to glimpse someone famous. Plenty of famous people do live in this neighborhood, but rarely are they seen by the paparazzi, and residents respect their privacy. In fact, no one would be so crass as to even notice a movie star – should one actually appear in public, rare even in this protected enclave.

Brentwood is among L.A's most affluent neighborhoods, with an average home price of $2 million as of this writing. Spanning the area between the 405 Freeway and the base of the Santa Monica Mountains to the west, and from Mulholland Drive in the north to Westwood Blvd. at its south end, Brentwood is protected from the sketchier parts of town by its upscale neighbors: tony Pacific Palisades, hip Westwood, and hipper Santa Monica. Sunset Blvd. runs right through its heart, with the most sumptuous mansions on the winding streets to its north.

The area includes several retail centers, including the quaint Brentwood Country Mart on the corner of Vicente Blvd. and 26th Ave., and several shops, grocery stores, and professional buildings also on Vicente, between Bundy and Federal Ave. on the way to Westwood. Another popular destination, especially with the coffee drinkers set, is the Brentwood Village, located at Sunset and Barrington. On Sundays from 9am to 2:30pm, don't miss the Brentwood Village Farmers Market located on Gretna Green Way just off San Vicente.

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