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The simple idea of a sunny California beach is enough to evoke idyllic daydreams. Add to this countless artistic shops, street performers, food booths, and muscle men working out on the sand, and you have only a glimpse of the fabulously funky Venice Beach.

Located in west Los Angeles, Venice Beach is a favorite attraction for people all over the world. The artsy beach town is named for the canals that run through the town, however Venice Beach is probably best known for its carnival-like beachfront. Thanks to Southern California's consistently warm weather, this is a street fair that lasts all year long. During the summer months the action on the boardwalk is ongoing seven days a week but in the winter it continues only on the weekends.

Venice, traditionally a creative town, was home to early beat poets, musicians, and freethinking artists. The famous 60s rock band The Doors got their start in Venice. Lead singer Jim Morrison lived in a house on one of the canals. Today there is a larger-than-life mural of Morrison painted on the side of a Venice building to commemorate the beginnings of one of Rock n' Roll's iconic bands. Musicians continue to play in Venice Beach, with dreams of even half the success of The Doors.

Further along the promenade, entertainment is provided by a wide array of performers: the man who jumps on a large pile of broken glass and nails; the artist who proves graffiti really is art; the silver painted robot pop locking to his boom box; and the sweaty bodies of men pumping iron at Muscle Beach. Boundless spirits from all walks of life roam Venice Beach, proving how free this country really is. Step into any one of the numerous stores for a souvenir — anything from a t-shirt to a tattoo. If hunger strikes, grab a hot dog, burrito, or a slice of pizza from any one of the many food stands, and rest in the shade — a sometimes necessary step to truly take it all in.

On any given day, one is sure to find pleasure in the palm trees lining the white sand and blue ocean of Venice Beach, all simply setting the backdrop for anything but just another day at the beach.

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