Your Destination Guide to Los Angeles

Destination Guide LA - Your Destination Guide to Los Angeles, CA

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It's no secret that Los Angeles beats with a feverish pulse, and it may take a dead sprint to avoid traffic if you're going to embrace all that the sprawling epicenter of the West Coast has to offer. At whatever your pace, there's more to the City of Angels than Disneyland and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A slew of amusement parks, cultural institutions and natural beauties dot the city and its environs in troves, so keep your eyes wide open and take a few detours along the way.

Los Angeles Attractions

  • Beaches
  • White sand, boardwalk vendors, and palm trees are just a few of the cliché scenes evoked by Southern California beaches. And, believe us they have them all: world famous surfing, the legendary Muscle Beach and picturesque sunsets up and down the Los Angeles and Orange County coast.
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  • Cultural
  • LA is the home of cult films, cultish organizations, and haute couture. So it logically follows that this home to millions of immigrants has an immense diversity of culture, well-represented in the...
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  • Historical
  • At 160 years old, the city of Los Angeles is understandably rich in history, and in turn, is host to many historical sites, from the bustling business of the US Bank tower to the quiet calm of a cemetery named Hollywood Forever.
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  • Museums
  • Los Angeles does not have a reputation for high-culture and sophistication, but once you look past the dizzying array of billboards and celebrities, you'll find a serious culture of museums unlike anything else in the world.
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  • Sights
  • As one of the ultimate places to see and be seen, Los Angeles is a sightseer's wonderland. From Hollywood relics to scenic coastlines, get your camera ready for serious picture-snapping.
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Streets, Drives and Boardwalks
  • Studios
  • Get to the very essence of entertainment in Los Angeles. From the history of the silver screen to the most futuristic feats in digital filmmaking, Hollywood is the home of all that glitters where you'll find yourself, quite literally, among the stars.
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Theaters and Performing Arts Venues
Theme Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Southern California is the birthplace of the modern amusement park. From America's oldest theme park – Knott's Berry Farm – to the granddaddy of them all, the original Disneyland, you...
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Zoos and Aquariums
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • For those fascinated by all things furry, fuzzy and even scaly, Los Angeles won't disappoint. From Santa Monica to Santa Ana, zoos and aquariums abound. Always fun yet educational, these family-friendly destinations are definite crowd-pleasers.
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