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White sand, boardwalk vendors, and palm trees are just a few of the cliché scenes evoked by Southern California beaches. And, believe us they have them all: world famous surfing, the legendary Muscle Beach and picturesque sunsets up and down the Los Angeles and Orange County coast.

Los Angeles Beaches

Best Family Beaches
Best Surfing Beaches
LA County Beaches
  • LA County Beaches
  • In a lucky state with miles of beaches bordering its coastal cities, Los Angeles is home to many popular, picturesque sandy shores, so it follows that outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, biking, running, and water sports have become daily occupations.
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Orange County Beaches
  • Orange County Beaches
  • If you are in Southern California and looking for some beachcombing fun below the Los Angeles County line, finding seaside bliss is as simple as hitting the nearest freeway and heading west towards the coastal cities of Orange County. Try one of these recommended places.
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