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LA is the home of cult films, cultish organizations, and haute couture. So it logically follows that this home to millions of immigrants has an immense diversity of culture, well-represented in the following local attractions, which include a variety of sports.

Los Angeles | Cultural

Bronson Caves
  • Bronson Caves
  • If you have ever seen the 1960s television series Batman, then you'll surely recognize Bronson Caves, AKA "the Batcave".
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Caltrans District 7 Building
  • Caltrans District 7 Building
  • Covering an entire city block in downtown Los Angeles and considered a modern architectural marvel, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 7 Headquarters was in fact the subject of a History Channel special titled "Modern Marvels: Building a Skyscraper".
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Dodger Stadium
  • Dodger Stadium
  • Think Blue! It's game night, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are taking the field for the 47th year. Get yourself a Dodger dog, some Cracker Jacks, maybe a giant foam finger, and sit back to enjoy high-quality baseball at one of the best stadiums in the country.
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El Pueblo
  • El Pueblo
  • For a city with a population of nearly 10 million, it is not surprising that Los Angeles is a hub of diversity.
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Griffith Observatory
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Stargazing in LA usually requires lurking around movie premieres, back lots, and alleged celebrity hangouts (and sometimes households), but you're lucky if you see any real stars in this perpetually illuminated city.
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Honda Center of Anaheim
  • Honda Center of Anaheim
  • Although most familiar as home to the Anaheim Ducks professional hockey team, Honda Center of Anaheim delights visitors as a favorite venue for concerts and classic entertainment. It opened in 1993 as a state-of-the-art facility where every seat brings visitors close to the action.
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Korean Bell of Friendship
  • Korean Bell of Friendship
  • In Angels Gate Park in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles is a massive bronze bell housed in an impressive traditional, Korean-style stone pavilion. The entire structure lies within the section of the park that is commonly referred to as the "Korean-American Peace Park" by LA locals.
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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • In the heart of Orange County and just three miles from Disneyland, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play in Major League Baseball's American League division. Although known once again as the Los Angeles Angels, the team has gone through several name changes over its brief history.
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Los Angeles Central Library
  • Los Angeles Central Library
  • As the third largest public library in the United States with a collection of nearly 6.5 million, the original Los Angeles Central Library personifies the quest for knowledge.
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Scientology Celebrity Centre
  • Scientology Celebrity Centre
  • Like other remnants of classic Hollywood, the Scientology Celebrity Centre International exudes nostalgic allure that invites visitors to explore its history.
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Staples Center
  • Staples Center
  • Listen to the purple neon-lit Staples Center in downtown LA: the deafening roar when Madonna takes the stage, the tense anticipation and rhythmic thud of a basketball, the silence of the crowd when Brooke Shield spoke her emotional eulogy.
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The Queen Mary
  • The Queen Mary
  • The Queen Mary, one of the world's finest luxury ocean liners, has been permanently docked in Long Beach, CA since retiring on September 19, 1967 after 1,001 crossings of the Atlantic. Constructed by Scottish John Brown and Co., the Queen Mary saw her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936.
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Toyota Speedway
  • Toyota Speedway
  • For car racing buffs, the best place in the Los Angeles area to watch the sport is at the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. This racetrack by the 605 and 10 freeways opened in 1999 as the Irwindale Speedway, but in 2008, Toyota purchased the rights and renamed it.
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