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At 160 years old, the city of Los Angeles is understandably rich in history, and in turn, is host to many historical sites, from the bustling business of the US Bank tower to the quiet calm of a cemetery named Hollywood Forever.

Los Angeles | Historical

Adamson House
  • Adamson House
  • Over the years, Malibu has become a coveted destination where the rich and famous duck away from paparazzi in their million-dollar beach homes.
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Chateau Marmont
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Nestled on a hillside just off Sunset Boulevard, the palatial Chateau Marmont sits apart from the traffic-ridden, 21st-century mayhem that is Los Angeles.
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City Hall
  • City Hall
  • You can't fight City Hall. In the Civic Center district of downtown Los Angeles, an impressive steel building stands as one of the tallest earthquake resistant structures in the world. Completed in 1928, the 32-floor building looms 454 feet above downtown LA's noisy pavement.
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Hollyhock House
  • Hollyhock House
  • Occasionally, the lavish exploits of a wealthy heiress prove golden. Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House, commissioned by philanthropic Aline Barnsdall, beneficiary of the Barnsdall Oil Company fortune, is a prime example.
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Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • "The resting place for Hollywood's immortals." [self-described] An unlikely yet strangely enticing Los Angeles attraction, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is an entertainment industry landmark,...
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Hollywood Sign
  • Hollywood Sign
  • The Hollywood sign is an iconic symbol of the entertainment industry that has come to define LA. Erected in 1923 with 50-foot-tall letters, and originally reading "Hollywoodland" to advertise new...
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Mission San Fernando
  • Mission San Fernando
  • Mission San Fernando is a peaceful hideaway located in the midst of urban sprawl. The second historic mission built in the Los Angeles area (after San Gabriel) was founded September 8, 1797, and named for St. Ferdinand, King of Spain.
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Mission San Juan Capistrano
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano
  • At over 200 years old, Mission San Juan Capistrano's history and age alone are enough to make it stand out among other Southern California attractions Its boasts, however, several other distinctions.
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San Antonio Winery
  • San Antonio Winery
  • In the Lincoln Heights district off Lamar Street just a few miles northeast of downtown LA lies the only remaining winery in the city of Los Angeles. Founded in 1917 by Italian Santo Cambianica, the winery was dedicated to Saint Anthony in hopes that it would bring him good fortune.
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The Bradbury Building
  • The Bradbury Building
  • Downtown LA's oldest functioning commercial structure sits at the intersection of old and new, at the corner of slapdash and deliberate.
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U.S. Bank Tower
  • U.S. Bank Tower
  • So you've ridden to the top of the Sears Tower and endured the lines at the Empire State Building. But in LA, the U.S. Bank Tower is the landmark high-rise jutting out beyond the skyline.
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Watts Towers
  • Watts Towers
  • Positioned against the urban backdrop of Watts, CA, the Watts Towers stand as a testament to human innovation and creativity. Simon Rodia built the Towers by hand from steel and concrete on his residential lot in the community of Watts.
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