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Destination Guide LA - Your Destination Guide to Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles does not have a reputation for high-culture and sophistication, but once you look past the dizzying array of billboards and celebrities, you'll find a serious culture of museums unlike anything else in the world.

From the Getty Center's exquisite art collection, superb architecture and serene gardens to the Huntington Library with its four million rare manuscripts and books, Los Angeles museums provide an opportunity to explore a wide range of art and culture. A surprising number of museums feature interactive exhibits such as the California Science Center that is perfect for all ages. A great escape from the afternoon heat: be sure to squeeze a few of the city's museums between your beach, nightclub and spa visits.

Los Angeles Museums

Art and Design
  • Art and Design
  • Cached across the LA art scene are works spanning centuries as well as several creative genres. Artists, collectors, and aficionados enjoy a diverse aesthetic landscape, which incorporates rarities...
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