Civil War Reenactment in Thousand Oaks: November 13 - 14

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The civil war is at Tierra Rejada Ranch in Thousand Oaks next weekend. You'll see camps set up with actors dressed in period costumes, in which you can walk around and talk to about their role in the war - many of whom are teachers or professionals, and are very knowledgeable about their role in this reenactment. Many of the medical actors are actually doctors in real life who enjoy studying Civil War medicine as a hobby. These people contain a wealth of knowledge and add an enormous human element to what we already know about this era in our history.

There are scheduled battle reenactments, which are absolutely amazing and, just a warning, are very loud!  They also have marches through the camps, with not only soldiers, but with horses and drum corps.  Throughout the day there will be speakers, debates and presentations about the Civil War. You might hear the Gettysburg address delivered by Lincoln, a presentation from an abolitionist rally, or a 1860s musical presentation. 

There are also demonstrations, including a medical tent, food preparation, music, and even games, as well as vendors selling civil-war-era products, including clothing, cooking supplies and toys.  There are also plenty of food vendors selling all kinds of modern and Civil-War-era foods to add enjoyment to your day. 

The event takes place at the Tierra Rejada Ranch (adjacent to Underwood Family Farms) on November 13th and 14th, 2010.

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