Greater LA Artisan Chocolate Festival & Wine Tasting Expo: November 17 & 18, 2012

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There's chocolate and then there's CHOCOLATE. The way we make and eat the "food of the gods" has evolved so much as our palates become more sophisticated. We've grown more aware of the social and environmental implications of what we eat. The demand for exceptional quality and taste has produced a growing community of exciting and innovative artisan chocolatiers in this country. Artisans have a point of view in what they make. Whether by hand-crafting truffles or by growing cocoa beans in a sustainable way, artisan chocolatiers are not just makers of sweet things: if we are what we eat then they are making us better people.

The Greater LA Artisan Chocolate Festival & Wine Tasting Expo will take place November 17 & 18, 2012 at the Aviation Park Gymnasium.

Chocolate Festivals America is presenting the country's first Artisan Chocolate Festival, bringing together rising stars among Artisan chocolatiers, cocoa growers and confectioners. Joining these innovators will be a showcase of some of California's most exciting wines and vintners. The fair is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday with a mouth-watering tasting program, eye-opening lectures and fancy-tickling demonstrations.

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Greater LA Artisan Chocolate Festival & Wine Tasting Expo