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Los Angeles Features
Los Angeles Features

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Stepping out in Los Angeles requires a lot of keeping up. But don't worry, we're doing the work for you. This section highlights the best of the best and lots of little LA extras that are updated periodically as we discover them.

Los Angeles -

15 Fantastic LA Facts
  • 15 Fantastic LA Facts
  • Los Angeles-based band Jane's Addiction titled their debut album "Nothing's Shocking", and indeed, short of an earthquake, little seems to jolt the city's four million residents, but a...
Top 10 Burger Joints
  • Top 10 Burger Joints
  • From the quick and easy drive-through of In-N-Out; Out to the airy and chic atmosphere of 25 Degrees in the famous Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles' increasingly vibrant burger scene offers an unmatched diversity you will have to taste to believe.
Top 10 Places to Spot Celebs
  • Top 10 Places to Spot Celebs
  • Let's face it, whether you admit it or not: when traveling through Hollywood and Beverly Hills you hope to spot a celebrity. Just head straight to these local favorite celeb-scene hideouts and you're bound to catch onscreen idols.
Top 10 Romantic Spots
  • Top 10 Romantic Spots
  • "Mi Amor, you look so beautiful tonight." Not to be a dream killer, but that statement whispered into your ear can sound a 1000 times more quixotic against the ultimate romantic backdrop. Los Angeles is home to an array of city views that can lure any couple into a lover's haven.
Top 10 Rooftop Bars
  • Top 10 Rooftop Bars
  • Normally, drinking hard liquor on top of a building isn't the safest form of recreation, but at rooftop bars in Los Angeles, it's a sophisticated social activity. Some impostors claim to be one of these elite clubs, but are public penthouse bars in disguise.
Top 10 Scenic Drives
  • Top 10 Scenic Drives
  • With arguably the best weather and highest concentration of people and cars in the country, it's no surprise that Angelinos thrive on "Sunday drives".
Top 10 Spas
  • Top 10 Spas
  • Men and women alike, but females in particular, have long known that pampering isn't just for babies, but for adults' well-being, too. So day spas, with their therapeutic treatments, are the best places to self-spoil.
Top 20 Golf Courses
  • Top 20 Golf Courses
  • Ever wish you lived in an area where dust never had the opportunity to gather on your favorite set of golf clubs? With nearly perfect weather year-round and a wealth of world-class courses to choose from, Los Angeles is considered by many to be the golfing mecca of the Western United States.
Top 20 Photo Ops
  • Top 20 Photo Ops
  • The term "photo op" used to refer to an opportunity that resulted in a memorable and effective photograph of a politician, celebrity, or notable event. However, this publicity-driven expression is used much more broadly today. It can now apply to any place with a scenic backdrop.

Los Angeles - Categories

Best of Los Angeles
  • Best of Los Angeles
  • From the streets of Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Blvd to downtown, the south coast beaches, and all points between, we have compiled a list of the best that Los Angeles has to offer.
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Day Trips from LA
Free in Los Angeles
  • Free in Los Angeles
  • Everyone loves finding a bargain, and free events in Los Angeles are the best deals of all. Most parks, promenades, markets, and beaches cost nothing to access, and some museums have free tours or...
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