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Day Trips from LA

Day Trips from LA
Day Trips from LA

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The Channel Islands' and Santa Barbara County's proximity to Los Angeles make them prime destinations for day-trippers, particularly outdoorsy types. From what other city than LA can one drive (or ferry) to either a remote beach, a winery, or an isle port in a couple of hours?

Jalama Beach Park, south of the city of Lompoc at the terminus of a lone road off Hwy 1, is isolated, but that's a big part of its appeal. This picturesque park offers serene surf, a stocked store with café cuisine, and copious campsites, should you sleep on the sand.

Santa Catalina Island, due south of LA, is serviced by the famous Catalina Express fleet, and known best for its lovely port city, Avalon. The mid-isle town of Two Harbors plays host to less commercial activities, but adventure and relaxation can be had at both locales.

Santa Ynez Valley, just north of Santa Barbara, is the southern CA Central Coast's wine region. Vineyards are scattered about the area, but the quiet, somewhat touristy town of Los Olivos near the 101 anchors the valley, itself a sprawling, scenic part of the state.

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Jalama Beach Park
  • Jalama Beach Park
  • Up the northbound 101, through the clutter and confusion of billboards, traffic, and strip malls, lies a sliver of coast, an untapped resource where cliffs disappear abruptly into the vast gray Pacific, and the native California brush outnumbers the people.
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Santa Catalina Island
  • Santa Catalina Island
  • On a clear day in southern California, you can view the distant islands from almost any shoreline, a promise of potential adventure. Located only 26 miles off the coast is the small island of Catalina.
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Santa Ynez Valley Wineries
  • Santa Ynez Valley Wineries
  • Santa Ynez is the ideal escape from an existence bogged down by deadlines, traffic, and the peculiar anxieties that inevitably result from urban life.
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