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Free in Los Angeles

Free in Los Angeles
Free in Los Angeles

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Everyone loves finding a bargain, and free events in Los Angeles are the best deals of all. Most parks, promenades, markets, and beaches cost nothing to access, and some museums have free tours or admission on certain dates.

Los Angeles | Free in Los Angeles

Abbot Kinney Boulevard
  • Abbot Kinney Boulevard
  • Nestled comfortably between Washington Avenue and Pacific Avenue, Abbot Kinney Boulevard cuts right through the boho-chic heart of Venice, California.
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Annenberg Space for Photography
  • Annenberg Space for Photography
  • Hidden behind the glass box structure at 2000 Avenue of the Stars is the first gallery in Los Angeles devoted solely to the photograph. At first glance, the low, horizontal façade of the Annenberg Space for Photography is reminiscent of early modern architectural gems like the Barcelona Pavilion.
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Annette Green Perfume Museum
  • Annette Green Perfume Museum
  • With the same allure that draws a young girl to her grandmother's vanity, the Annette Green Perfume Museum's collection of over 2,000 fragrances charms visitors with ambrosial scents and elegant casings.
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Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  • Most aquariums offer people a glimpse into a mystifying underwater world, but few allow visitors to partake in the research conducted by real-life marine explorers: the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium does just that.
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City Hall
  • City Hall
  • You can't fight City Hall. In the Civic Center district of downtown Los Angeles, an impressive steel building stands as one of the tallest earthquake resistant structures in the world. Completed in 1928, the 32-floor building looms 454 feet above downtown LA's noisy pavement.
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Getty Center
  • Getty Center
  • The Getty Center sits atop a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains in Brentwood where it reflects and displays the light on its collections as well as on its visitors, creating not only a warm welcome...
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Getty Villa
  • Getty Villa
  • Pulling up the driveway to the gate keeper's tower at The Getty Villa, one cannot help but feel excited, curious, and even a little special – after all, the Villa requires all visitors to make...
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Griffith Observatory
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Stargazing in LA usually requires lurking around movie premieres, back lots, and alleged celebrity hangouts (and sometimes households), but you're lucky if you see any real stars in this perpetually illuminated city.
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Los Angeles Central Library
  • Los Angeles Central Library
  • As the third largest public library in the United States with a collection of nearly 6.5 million, the original Los Angeles Central Library personifies the quest for knowledge.
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Olvera Street
  • Olvera Street
  • A common destination for grade-school field trips for those of us of a certain age, Olvera Street is an authentic Mexican (if tourist-oriented) street located on the site of the original El Pueblo Historic Monument, LA's birthplace.
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Scientology Celebrity Centre
  • Scientology Celebrity Centre
  • Like other remnants of classic Hollywood, the Scientology Celebrity Centre International exudes nostalgic allure that invites visitors to explore its history.
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U.S. Bank Tower
  • U.S. Bank Tower
  • So you've ridden to the top of the Sears Tower and endured the lines at the Empire State Building. But in LA, the U.S. Bank Tower is the landmark high-rise jutting out beyond the skyline.
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Venice Boardwalk
  • Venice Boardwalk
  • The Venice Boardwalk is a thin slice of LA that stretches its pavement along California's long golden beaches. Eclectic, irreverent, funky, and visionary, the boardwalk reflects the quirky city of Venice as a whole.
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Walk of Fame
  • Walk of Fame
  • The 3.5-mile round-trip stroll along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street is the world's most famous stretch of concrete, and is also known as the Walk of Fame.
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