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Los Angeles Nightlife
Los Angeles Nightlife

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Among the busy streets and bright lights of Los Angeles are some of the best karaoke venues, lounges, comedy clubs and bars in the world. From the streets of Hollywood to Santa Monica Blvd, there is a plethora of locations where you can enjoy a laugh, dance, have a cocktail and even sing to your favorite song in the "City of Angels".

Los Angeles Featured Nightlife

Sky Bar
  • Sky Bar
  • Boasting some of the finest views of Los Angeles, Skybar, an open air, ivy-covered pavilion perched above the Pool and Outdoor Living Room, has been the spot for the hottest Los Angeles nightlife from the day it opened.

Los Angeles Nightlife Articles

Comedy Club Picks
  • Comedy Club Picks
  • Looking for a laugh in Los Angeles? From Hollywood to the streets of Hermosa Beach, there are a variety of comedy clubs that will leave you in tears. Stand up originated in the 1950s in LA, with comedians performing at folk clubs; however the art quickly grew to larger venues.
Gay Bar Picks
  • Gay Bar Picks
  • While San Francisco is known to be the Mecca for all things same sex oriented in California, plenty of gay friendly nightlife can be found in Los Angeles.
Jazz and Blues Club Picks
  • Jazz and Blues Club Picks
  • Whether your exposure to jazz and blues music in Los Angeles county is limited to a snippet of song from Long Beach AM radio station 88.1 KKJZ (better-known as "K-JAZZ"), or if you're a regular listener and fan of the genre, you'll enjoy LA's high-quality, jazzy joints.
Karaoke Picks
  • Karaoke Picks
  • Ever felt like letting loose and serenading an unfamiliar audience? Leave Sing Star at home and head out to some of LA's live Karaoke bars, hidden mong the clubs and restaurants of the busy streets of Los Angeles.
Lounge Picks
  • Lounge Picks
  • Enjoy everything a bar and nightclub have to offer at one of LA's modern soothing hangouts. With stylish d├ęcor and comfortable seating, lounges create the perfect blend of intimate conversation and dancing.
Malibu Picks
  • Malibu Picks
  • When the afternoon fog burns off in the charming community of Malibu, there is a clear view of the islands off the coast of California. Many of the local bars are exposed to the ocean with windows positioned against the sand's edge, creating a backdrop for a relaxing experience.
West Hollywood Picks
  • West Hollywood Picks
  • At a mere 1.9 square miles, West Hollywood might seem easily over shadowed by the neighboring cities of Beverly Hills and Hollywood proper. Though diminutive geographically, West Hollywood's night life and bar scene are as vibrant as the surrounding giants.


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