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Destination Guide Maui - Your Destination Guide to Maui, HI

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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities
Cultural Activities

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Maui's culture leans on everything from island myths and sugar plantations to Buddhism and surfers, and the best way to learn about it all is through the plethora of public buildings on the island. Between the lu'aus, cultural centers, churches, temples, museums, and art galleries, you will not lack for information. If you make it near Hana, check out the Hana Cultural Center, which houses one of the most comprehensive collections of Maui artifacts and documents on the island, and even contains a replica village on its grounds.

Maui | Cultural Activities

Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum
  • Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum
  • Driving through central Maui, you can't help but notice the sugar cane fields lining the sides of the roads. The large green leaves reach as high as a basketball hoop, covering 37,000 acres of Maui's fields.
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Bailey House Museum
  • Bailey House Museum
  • A large, white-washed home built from stone and lumber, the Bailey House Museum sits surrounded by a garden of lush, native flora. Built in 1833 as a mission for both adults and children, the museum now stands as a reminder to Maui's varied history, both missionary and native.
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Hana Coast Gallery
  • Hana Coast Gallery
  • Known as one of America's most respected art galleries, the Hana Coast Gallery boasts an acclaimed collection of original fine art and collectibles handcrafted by Hawaiian Islands, Polynesian and other Pacific Rim artists.
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Hana Cultural Center
  • Hana Cultural Center
  • Hana, located on Maui's east coast, is a small and remote town rooted in old-Hawaiian traditions. In fact, some consider it the most secluded and traditional town in all of Hawaii.
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Keawala'i Congregational Church
  • Keawala'i Congregational Church
  • Set in the heart of Maui's exploding luxury home scene, the coastal land surrounding Keawala'i Church serves as one lingering hope for the real Hawaii, where culture and heritage outshine the luster of opulence and wealth.
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Lahaina Heritage Museum
Lahaina Jodo Mission
  • Lahaina Jodo Mission
  • While most visitors are familiar with the fabled whaling history of the town of Lahaina, few realize that this historic city of royalty, sailors, and missionaries is also home to a vast number of authentic cultural heritage sites.
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  • Lu'aus
  • There are certain things you can expect at any Hawaiian Lu'au: All-you-can-eat grinds, all-you-can-drink tropical cocktails, a lei greeting, dancing, singing, and steep prices.
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Maui Arts and Cultural Center
  • Maui Arts and Cultural Center
  • How does a tiny island known for its beaches, sunsets, waterfalls, and simple beauty, pull high-profile performers such as Jimmy Buffet, the Eagles, and Mikhael Baryshnikov to its laid back shores? The short answer is the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.
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The Baldwin House
  • The Baldwin House
  • With its sloped roof and wide, thick windows, the Baldwin House in Lahaina looks like it was transported from nineteenth-century New England. The only difference in its architecture is the coral residing in the outside walls.
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Wo Hing Temple
  • Wo Hing Temple
  • Brought to Hawai'i to work the sugar cane fields, the Chinese were expected to return home after their term was complete. Instead, these ambitious individuals carved a life for themselves within the Hawai'ian community, and remain a significant part of the culture.
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