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If trekking across long, swinging bridges and dangling from a harness high above the forest floor sounds like a great way to spend a day, try ziplining. Located in both the West Maui Mountains and on the lower slopes of Haleakala, zipline tours provide access to steep terrain, deep ravines, green forests, and sweeping ocean views. Thousands of feet of steel cable and harnesses specifically designed for hanging in a seated position provide excellent safety and relative comfort as you fly over the ground at speeds of up to thirty miles per hour. Add the fact that zipline tours operate in areas inaccessible to the general public, and you've discovered a great way to see the island in a unique and fun way.

Note: Because ziplining is such a unique experience, there is some special vocabulary associated with it. A zip is a ride down a single zipline. Typically you climb a ladder into a tall tree or tower. A guide attaches your harness to the zipline cable, and you ride the line to another tall tree or tower a few hundred yards away. A second guide takes you off the first zipline cable and you either climb down or start the process over on a new line. A company may offer multi-zip tours which they label four-zip, eight-zip, etc. The higher the zip number, the more rides you get on the tour. Companies also offer side-by-side ziplining in which two people slide down lines parallel to one another.

Ziplining Companies

Pi'iholo Ranch Zipline – Located just above Makawao on a seventh-generation locally owned 800-acre cattle ranch, Pi'iholo Ranch Zipline is Maui's newest and longest side-by-side zipline. The company offers four-zip and five-zip tours, and also has an adventure tower with a variety of challenging climbs. Group members who are not interested in ziplining can sign up for the Walk Along Adventure tour, a hiking option that allows access through the same area as the zipline tours without the dangling heights. Bask in the cool mountain air as you skim the tops of eucalyptus trees, and look out over miles of upcountry to the ocean 3,000 feet below.

Directions: From Kahalui take the Hana Highway (Highway 36) east toward Hana. Turn right onto the Haleakala Highway (Highway 37). Follow the Haleakala Highway for seven miles and then turn left onto Makawao Avenue (Highway 325). Go straight through the four-way intersection in downtown Makawao. Just past St. Josephs's Church turn right onto Pi'iholo Road. Follow Pi'iholo Road for 1.2 miles and then look for parking on the left.

Skyline Eco Adventures - The first zipline tour company in the United States, Skyline Eco Adventures has offered ziplining tours since 2002. With two locations, one just below the Haleakala National Park entrance and the other above the resort town of Ka'anapali, Skyline Eco Adventures offers guests a unique way to see parts of Maui that would otherwise be inaccessible. Steep ravines and gorgeous ocean views are highlights on these five-zip and eight-zip tours. The Ka'anapali tour is dry and hot so bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and wear clothes you don't mind getting dusty.

Directions: Visit the Skyline Eco Adventures website or call for directions to each location.

Pricing: Zipline tours range from as low as $100 per person to up to $200 per person depending on the number of zips. Discounts are often offered for large groups and for those who book online.


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