Your Destination Guide to Maui

Destination Guide Maui - Your Destination Guide to Maui, HI

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Maui may not be as populated as Oahu, but there's still plenty to see and do. With an extraordinary art scene in spite of its remote mid-Pacific location, the island has some great galleries and museums. If relaxing is more your flavor, the beaches and gardens here are quieter than Waikiki's. And with more of a down-home feel, Maui has kept its traditional roots and history. Any spot on Maui is sure to give you a grand time.

Maui Attractions

  • Beaches
  • The coolers are loaded. The blankets and chairs are ready to go. Everyone's slathered in sunscreen, eyes shaded and hats on.
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Gardens and Nature
  • Gardens and Nature
  • Akin to the vibrant greens, soft pinks, and electric blues of the coral reefs below Maui's sparkling waters, another world of color awaits among the flora and fauna of the island's lush gardens and nature sites.
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Historical and Cultural
Museums and Galleries
Natural Landmarks
  • Natural Landmarks
  • Maui's growing popularity may lure you into its towns with exciting activities and miles of beaches, but don't forget about the natural landmarks that set it apart from the other Hawaiian Islands.
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  • Sights
  • Just because you're in Hawai`i doesn't mean you have to spend all your time on the beach. Maui attracts many visitors to its unique natural attractions such as unique caves, sacred pools, and even a volcano.
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