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Destination Guide Maui - Your Destination Guide to Maui, HI

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The coolers are loaded. The blankets and chairs are ready to go. Everyone's slathered in sunscreen, eyes shaded and hats on. Now, which beach? With more than 80 sandy havens tucked along Maui's 120-mile coastline to consider, you can certainly afford to be choosy.

You'll find busy stretches lined with resorts, shops, and restaurants as well as secluded gems without a store in sight. Some beaches are known for their oh-so-surfable waves, while others provide more gentle waters ideal for a float or snorkel. Some beaches are sun-soaked from rise to set, while others offer miraculous patches of keawe and palm trees for shade. You'll also notice grassy beach parks along shore equipped with barbecue grills, playgrounds, and pavilions – the perfect makings for a local kine beach party. Have your pick at sand, as well, available in red, yellow, black, white, coarse, gravelly, silky, and fine. Cruise the coastline, follow the sunshine, and scope out a perfect day at the beach.

Maui Beaches

Best Family Beaches
  • Best Family Beaches
  • Not everyone goes to Maui to surf. In fact a good majority of travelers are looking for long stretches of beach with palm trees swaying above turquoise water, where they can stick their beach umbrella in the sand and drift into the tranquil bliss of paradise.
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Best Surfing Beaches
  • Best Surfing Beaches
  • Feelings of excitement, power, and freedom surge through your body in a wave of adrenaline as you glide along to the beat of the ocean. Whether you've dropped in on 10-foot faces or cruised knee-high whitewash, you know how it feels to catch a wave.
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Central Maui Beaches
  • Central Maui Beaches
  • Alongside a glistening stretch of golden sand, flashes of neon appear amidst the tumbling waters of Central Maui's beaches. Upon a closer look, you'll recognize the shape of a sail or the suit of a bodysurfer as she slips beneath the foam.
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East Maui Beaches
South Maui Beaches
West Maui Beaches


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