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The Hana Highway, Route of Royalty

The Hana Highway, Route of Royalty
The Hana Highway, Route of Royalty

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Take a journey down a curved road with thick, green rainforest on one side and the expansive Pacific Ocean on the other. Vibrant smells of the lush tropics and salty sea air tickle your nostrils. Although the town of Hana is a place of history and legend, the road to Hana is considered the true highlight of this adventure.

Following the original highway of the King Piilani, the Hana Highway is more than simply a road to somewhere. Hand chopped in 1927 by convicts, the King's trail was Maui's main byway prior to the construction of roads on the island. King Piilani used the highway as his means to conquer the entire island, making him the first ruler to unite Maui under one monarchy. Although paved, the road is still narrow and has retained much of its mythical ambiance. One can almost picture Hawaiian royalty traversing over these grand cliffs by foot, on their travels in and out of Hana.

Along the road, witness one of the few untouched areas of the world, with magnificent waterfalls, rainforest paths available for hiking, and sacred pools. Trek beneath the canopy of ancient forests, stand at the bottom of a 400-ft. waterfall or take a dip into the sweet water of over a dozen natural pools.

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