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Historical and Cultural

Historical and Cultural
Historical and Cultural

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While many may view Maui and its beaches as the ultimate tropical playground, there's far more to this island than postcard-perfect sunsets and colorful activity stands. If you want to delve deeper than the nearest Tiki Bar, a multitude of historical and cultural sites are tucked away in all corners of the island. Culturally, Maui is but a part of the grand cultural panorama that is Polynesia. A fascinating land of whalers, missionaries, plantations, and multi-ethnic traditions, Maui's historical sites teach an enduring lesson for those willing to learn.

Maui | Historical and Cultural

Charles Lindbergh's Grave
  • Charles Lindbergh's Grave
  • Renowned as the first solo aviator to fly non-stop from New York to Paris, Charles Lindbergh lived a life of fame. However, a shy man by nature, he chose his final resting place to be one of privacy and tranquility.
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Keawala'i Congregational Church
  • Keawala'i Congregational Church
  • Set in the heart of Maui's exploding luxury home scene, the coastal land surrounding Keawala'i Church serves as one lingering hope for the real Hawaii, where culture and heritage outshine the luster of opulence and wealth.
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Lahaina Jodo Mission
  • Lahaina Jodo Mission
  • While most visitors are familiar with the fabled whaling history of the town of Lahaina, few realize that this historic city of royalty, sailors, and missionaries is also home to a vast number of authentic cultural heritage sites.
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Maui Arts and Cultural Center
  • Maui Arts and Cultural Center
  • How does a tiny island known for its beaches, sunsets, waterfalls, and simple beauty, pull high-profile performers such as Jimmy Buffet, the Eagles, and Mikhael Baryshnikov to its laid back shores? The short answer is the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.
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McGregor Point Light Beacon
  • McGregor Point Light Beacon
  • Unless your goal is to visit every lighthouse in the United States, skip McGregor Point. What was once a beautiful lookout with a plaque dedicated to the many contributions of Scandinavians in Maui has now been completely trashed by fishermen.
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Tedeschi Vineyards and Winery
  • Tedeschi Vineyards and Winery
  • Be sure to taste the best-selling Maui Splash, a pineapple wine infused with passion fruit that's light, tangy, and sweet. Or try a touch of the sparkling white Hula o Maui, soft and semi-dry with tropical undertones.
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Wo Hing Temple
  • Wo Hing Temple
  • Brought to Hawai'i to work the sugar cane fields, the Chinese were expected to return home after their term was complete. Instead, these ambitious individuals carved a life for themselves within the Hawai'ian community, and remain a significant part of the culture.
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