Your Destination Guide to Maui

Destination Guide Maui - Your Destination Guide to Maui, HI

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Museums and Galleries

Museums and Galleries
Museums and Galleries

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Experience the best of Maui's past and present through the island's vast array of museums and galleries. Maui museums showcase the people, places, things and events that have made the Valley Isle "no ka oi" (the best), while numerous galleries keep the aloha culture alive through a bustling art community. At these noteworthy places, you will find that Maui is much more than a scenic coastline.

Maui | Museums and Galleries

Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum
  • Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum
  • Driving through central Maui, you can't help but notice the sugar cane fields lining the sides of the roads. The large green leaves reach as high as a basketball hoop, covering 37,000 acres of Maui's fields.
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Bailey House Museum
  • Bailey House Museum
  • A large, white-washed home built from stone and lumber, the Bailey House Museum sits surrounded by a garden of lush, native flora. Built in 1833 as a mission for both adults and children, the museum now stands as a reminder to Maui's varied history, both missionary and native.
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Hana Coast Gallery
  • Hana Coast Gallery
  • Known as one of America's most respected art galleries, the Hana Coast Gallery boasts an acclaimed collection of original fine art and collectibles handcrafted by Hawaiian Islands, Polynesian and other Pacific Rim artists.
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Hana Cultural Center
  • Hana Cultural Center
  • Hana, located on Maui's east coast, is a small and remote town rooted in old-Hawaiian traditions. In fact, some consider it the most secluded and traditional town in all of Hawaii.
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Hawai'i Nature Center
  • Hawai'i Nature Center
  • After rambling through 'Iao Valley State Park, you might be wondering about the fish you saw darting across the stream or the exotic plants, trees, and flowers you noticed embellishing the valley floor and cliff sides.
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Lahaina Heritage Museum
Maui Ocean Center
  • Maui Ocean Center
  • Stingrays and jellyfish and sharks….oh my! If you're looking for something interesting to do on that rainy Hawaiian day, or any other day for that matter, be sure to stop by the Maui Ocean Center, Maui's wonder-inducing marine center.
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The Baldwin House
  • The Baldwin House
  • With its sloped roof and wide, thick windows, the Baldwin House in Lahaina looks like it was transported from nineteenth-century New England. The only difference in its architecture is the coral residing in the outside walls.
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